Using — And Trusting — The Cloud For Your Small Business

[MUSIC PLAYING] Let’s face it, being
a small business owner is incredibly rewarding,
but also pretty overwhelming. Fortunately, there are
more tools than ever to help you manage
your business. One such tool is the cloud. But what exactly is the
cloud, and how does it work? While it may sound
like your data is just floating above us in
the sky, the reality is that the cloud is actually
a widespread physical network of many warehouses filled
with powerful servers that can store huge amounts
of data and allow you to share that data with
the people you choose, no matter where they
are in the world. Anything that’s referred to
as cloud-based or in the cloud means it primarily lives
online, instead of something physical in your possession,
like a CD or your computer’s hard drive. The reality is, you’re probably
already using the cloud, whether you know it or not. For example, if you can check
your email on your computer and also with an
app on your phone, you’re using a
cloud-based email service. Or if you can log into one
of your social media accounts on your friend’s computer, as
well as your own laptop, yep, that’s also using the cloud. So what’s the big deal? Well, when you run your
business from on-site systems, you’re pretty limited when
it comes to how you work. But when you run your
business from the cloud, you are free to work wherever
and whenever you or your team needs to on any device with
an internet connection. But with all this freedom,
is your data protected? Absolutely. Consider that with your
standard on-site systems, if you wanted to transport
data to another network, you would need to use some
kind of physical device, which is not secure and
can be easily lost. And should your
laptop or hard drive fall into the wrong hands, your
data is completely vulnerable. But when you store
everything in the cloud, no one can access anything
unless they have log ins to your secure online accounts. And in worst case scenarios,
where your business is affected by a natural disaster,
working within the cloud means productivity is never
affected, because your business is being run from multiple
locations at any given time. In short, there’s
no stopping you. One of the best examples for
why working within the cloud can help you run your
business is accounting. Let’s face it, accounting
is one of the most frequent and time-consuming
responsibilities small business owners have to deal with. Fortunately, there are
several key advantages to cloud accounting versus
traditional site accounting. For one, cloud accounting
is super flexible, because you can access
it from any device with an internet connection. Secondly, unlike traditional
accounting software, cloud accounting updates all
of your financial information automatically and provides
reporting in real time. This means account balances
are always accurate, and fewer errors take place due
to tedious manual data entry. And perhaps best of
all, without having to worry about frequent
software upgrades and hiring IT staff
to fix server failures or deal with
routine maintenance, you get to save a lot of time
and money in the long run. And who couldn’t
use more of those? So if you want to take
your small business to the next level, consider
using QuickBooks Online, where you can visualize your
profits, so you can instantly see how much you’re
making at any given time; understand where
your money is going, so you can plan for what’s next;
get paid faster with invoicing that lets you know as soon as
invoices are viewed and paid; and automatically
match your income and expenses with transactions,
so you don’t have to, leaving you better
prepared for tax season. In fact, you can
increase tax savings when receipts are linked to
expenses right from your phone. So come tax time,
you’re ready to file without a shoe box in sight. Thanks to QuickBooks
Online, you have the option to manage your small business
finances remotely from anywhere in the world and with
whomever you choose. And when your business is
fluid, accessible, and secure, the possibilities are endless. Get your business up and
running in the cloud today.

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