Using light as a sales tool in retail by Matthew Cobham (RIBA accredited material)

Hello and good afternoon or morning to everybody depending you’ll situated um… money isn’t matthew column uh… are
responsible for not capitation perhaps uh… phillips lighting up a sting until
then and over the next uh… but thirty five
minutes i’m going to cover up with you the
subject open like appellant told in retail and particularly from the point of view of increasing for full uh… an increase in crime that shocked
the suspense in retail spaces and of course the all
of that meeting agreed to tutor sales uh… underlay the construction this is
actually not six pups we’re going to start with looking at some some some
fundamental um… and uh… how likes content wind speed quite brain system well that will be explains and then we’re going to look at it from
a of functional appoints feared the role of like intangible attracting engaging and converting customers using
lights will then uh… briefly touched on the
cognitive and emotional role but that might complain retail spaces before reviewing some of the academic research
that so that has been undertaken andrew also look absent in real life uh… proclaims this presentation have been accredited especially critical of the
roads to to push ups text so if you remember about social situation you will
be able to get uh… continuous professional development points
thoughtful real-time with its uh… today and also if you’re a member of the
debate on that day in uh… north america and you will be
able to do accepted the site if you have any questions of so uh… please put
them uh… on the right hand side to see both sides of the possibility to dispose
of questions that uh… on what we will do is what will be held
to field some of those questions happy and some of the presentation but in any case we will record all the
questions and we will come back to you everybody ought to cut question we will
come back to you uh… opulence so just before we got uh… kickoff i
thought you’d like to just start off with um… a question to you just to
come in for deborah idea of uh… what you think about the subjects of of
obliged in retail company how it can contribute uh… tricky business and in in in into
the shopping environment so i’m going to have pulled down i’m
just give you know too much for the second is really allegedly yes or no uh… question just simply pass colored
people now and it is a good do you believe light can be a contributor to retail sales or
just give you uh… templeton second something like
that too and she’s on seven or close to call and uh… brought me keep you cuban so whose work you lol when humans seconds square people people are still songs from parts except in the summer doing a very good good response what kind of a dynamics was the pole now coast of the year pose uh… clothing okay and uh… but yet we have a overwhelming uh… overwhelming response
uh… basic everybody republican state yet pre-war everybody except working people live in concert sensitivity also yes seidler that’s what
i think that’s an interesting way to stockists okay so they did a presentation is on a very
much uh… focused absa architecture and also to end-users and what would be not
really going to do this presentation is we’re not going to although we will
revert to a lot of projects when optimistic describe a lot of uh…
projects ah… in terms of the number of the public which are perfect but they’re all around
the world so much what the presentation is really all
about magic seven minutes ducks on average shoppers spend you know
we talked i submit the data comes from uh… level research uh… collecting quite a number of
academic research papers and it’s going to be outreach if you like of uh… all of those studies and that is really
the time that uh… on average a people spend in retail spaces so what that means anything the reader of growth of a very limited
taryn to contracts pending engage and converts uh… potential arrives what’s also interesting if you can add
to that but what if you can get choppers to actually engagement stage then eighty
percent all of those people then go on to make uh… a purchase we’re also going to require a lot to do
research at which has been covered program thurmond other universities at
the university beholz with a lot of work uh… really trying to buy played the
role dot lights complaint in burrito aspects but before we had a complete giving the
presentation of like to start with a few fundamentals parents the weight stock-based into reading
about the people might bring system much at home when you hear a
presentation about letting your property cross-section off-beat humor but of
course it’s much more than that and one of the leaders in research is uh… somebody calls them into the
key university college london and he’s written a book called of being
incorporated which is really work but i do think that
i didn’t even know caused by copy on up on some of them and one of the things at that he
referred to that is that we receive as humans approximately
eleven million baked of information per second we can actually protests about two hundred picture information per
second which is why it is not to be critical to make sure that the officially
environments and dot whatever they envision involvement is should be ordered as well as possible so
people could make sense of that and then he laid back back to work
stoppage but the process and manage the people on average spending retail spaces you can see why dot the comes as a
samples and so that’s what the administrator of a
little bit ellipse newborn original examples bitches of very well known uh… of illusion called oklahoman
bridge ambitious works uh… because the world
and becomes in the applicability are competing together uh… and then the signal ought to be
what was called a visual cortex situation at the back of the brain i’d get mixed up drips could uh…
confused and you can see them for quite a number
of these if you can google them on that on the internet this is another one cause of the company
will loosen where uh… if you can get the
protecting u_n_ you’ve got to see the actual all alarms that all programs
proposal and of course they in north korea appear
appoints a what won’t be and out of place so what does that mean then uh… in the
retail environments so you have a a actually pretty chemical retail store respond console clothing shall we consider approach that can we
go to sleep pretty quickly that they have asylum but despite having been imported into
the a lot more but but the shock could do to uh… help the shopper make sense about space haha
dot secondary and roll shopper back suzanne son other parts of uh… parts
of the store so that’s what we can look at in this
next part of the presentation ready functional role opalines sometimes though attracting engaging and converting
customers uh… during that short time that they
spend in uh… retail spaces supposedly we all know that be alright it was important to
review the case study like allowed them to vote but things of course that you
will rule the look at we all know that the hoping to get talks about the lot
less is but be a little circle into darkness and expect relationship between the
between the two like and doc which is uh… so interesting and here i think we can draw inspiration
from the world of theater and look at some of the great spent
b-school knocking designs got transferred sample peter brook one of the book perhaps you’d like to
google called vacancy space uh… which really goes with the subject
about the relationship of pop uh… between like and darkness and of
course one too about what we’ve done bonnets bending of the link between three and a
bit down with ron brown keeping pretty direct and some techniques which wasn’t
discussed today substituting fitted lighting techniques
such as key like phillips backlight so three-dimensional approach
to uh… steps collecting reporter adept
fourth dimension background lighting can be directly used in retail in
environments about the becomes essential when we
consider uh… shops like this i recollect places like this where
indicates but the more common competition with daylight uh… absorbed in terms of the way your
you alright are going to be protected and you’re not exactly encouraged
perhaps two to go insert it into that place however hit in terms of encouraging
people and respect so attracting people for this is what
we’re talking about moment really attracting people easter entry you’ll rico space and there’s no doubt
in this uh… one full project by uh… component constant line in new york where the entrance to the store so that we thought thought really
getting people of course m_t_v_ jewell store ben the second part of course infantry is
about encouraging people to move fruit suspects irons bizarre marks uh… other examples of
that situation where they found it was very very difficult
for her to get people to move opt opt uh… for just a heads to explore what was going on upstairs
and of course a combination between the interior design i’m like house solve that problem are devoted
asking the question immediately so how is it possible to allegedly light i have
the benefit we will talk to that question directly
uh… electoral yet another example uh… where we talked about liked and darkness feathers example booyah uh… well known uh… designer young
casali whether really played in a very strong
link between using uh… light and shadow script very very powerful effect to help uh… cheopas nerd through the space so we put all those absolutely
encouraging people to move into a store helping them to move through the store now we’re just going to look a little
bit about exploring the products themselves and of course the whole range
of things we could talk about here weighed in at just about to areas but the first is uh… to built in terms of experience if you
like the but the texture of materials which of course or or whatever the product is which is of course directly uh… essential in nightclubs
returning i’m here in adult life would be like light and
shadow uh… could play a very very uh…
strong-willed and then the second part is uh… bird rachel often talked about
a hundred general way in terms of at coloring drink i would have taken a little bit more
from that uh… energy technology hit hansa a very uh…
started increasingly strong role to play because he’s easier to be able to choose the spectral output
all the etc from the energy source to what you’re actually trying uh… lights as i have heard that actually being used
in practice so he had been referred to approach it
with a major rose german retailer in conjunction with the uh… ph art
research teams to choose wet they wanted to increase in sales on both online lines of uh… fruits and
vegetables in this case uh… smokers and the mormons and a uh… use uh… declared found that the right
spectral are put to use weight therapist products and than they were able to measure adore it increase in sales and open increased
instead of going to break significant increase in uh… supplements you can c at that on the slides okay so that’s about to come to
exploring the the detail of people ought to put the interests of experiencing
uh… ended it in most optimal way then what about the cause of the final uh… keep up the process which is
getting people to be to some of the country pay uh… and of course is an example where uh… guaranteed to be very very
confusing where to go to actually uh… what’s your estimate you’re a good choice all that hard work
has been done to engage people with the customer then schools you don’t want to lose them
out that at that point and uh… the ministers lincoln’s also
back to where we started pointing out but uh… eighty percent customers who come engaged i’m going to
make purchasing certainly don’t want to lose them access at this stage is an example of
where when somebody whose uh… experience
products bandgap it might be coming up on the
price and and and that there’s no doubts about
wire about what to pack so before we move on to some of the
research that there is around this that’s also that briefly touch only complicated and the emotional roll
call plots of course throughout of many well known
examples all association uh… with with with light and when i saw a big projects for the platform
just be a bit image on its own alright apples are this is probably
somewhere in uh… in new york analysis o’neill crystal opponents but actually
it is a relatively small town in germany with a population of about some four
hundred thousands people and because of being strong association
puts the design in this case the arctic circle
compressed as usual uh… leading up to creepy practice
effects all accompanying times square to this at this time count
indictment in germany and then what about the emotional
rollerblades yes you’re going to use it an example which has been nothing at all
to do with that retail magic general structure prisons in uh… in north america where pay-per-view used up for abundance of people do perhaps also
probably drunk people were both in the early hours of morning the brought him they have to be locked
up into intercut itself they have found sprout with research
breakfast bar washing he departed cells with a particular type
attorney all pics in this business school drug tak pink appropriately but it has been able to come prisoners
down it has become a definite technique has
been used in prisons in paris but the uh… well-known lodgings on that more
pushups at based in manual and at the end of the nineteen nineties
he was working with the uh… uh… french prison service where they had he was using long to get
our so surgeons like and uh… people already have along behavioral problems were frederick agitated by this and they combine changing this to eight
bluemoon lights it was that has been marked effects on
upbeat because in its uh… behavior so that uh… you know how to over so review
ballplayer some of the research of course the quote techniques well
known techniques for being able to determine where shoppers attention is drawn to for example by tracking it’s of course the great technician but
how could they produce that uh… or the people taking part in the research that you know that if they really know
that they’re taking part in the replacement and another way of of avoiding it because that happens assist talked with pizza and uh… vision direction detecting uh…
to others another technique which is being
increasingly used is with uh… real-time tracking for example in amsterdam echo splits his technique is being used and it
became is because you can see here uh… is actually taken from above and being used actually in triple apple still to come in well happy pills attention is being
groom uh… and then results of the items the extrapolated
format and looked up the components which have gotten include inference that
including uh… lights i think we would refer that to some of
the great work that’s going to on uh… suburbs universities including uh…
cajon university in belgium and yet they’re able delayed but filter
paper folds down mock-up all uh… the grocery store uh… and were able to to change the lighting
conditions with uh… certainly range of the book
products repeated alleviate the light conditions where it
would be differentiating factor under the rules all the best they have
to have a good time and that like dogs includes special privileged also the
choice all uh… of products so special beautiful but where we are we’ll go to some of the fundamentals uh… we’ve been looks applicant breakthrough a
functional exempted catching people into a store helping them shaking experience
of space helping them to experience products amenable importantly helping them to
move toward someone what they can that they can actually play god his pen ratio caught when we look at real life and examples further look at a couple of examples now this first example comes from paper very
well-known and makeup operands what that uh… what they’ve done newser given people crying uh… foundation the politics of
product and it didn’t like it might contain for example uh… underwent evening info throughout my
fair on the pope’s uh… they look at my fair or under off-base uh… atmosphere and then different really played a role
in the engagement process for parents uh… people trying out
uh… trying out michael different than good to pay ten percent increase entitled
focused uh… vistaprint and i think in addition at extra step when they got form uh…
other parts of the approach with which were carried out to the stand for so that was not prepared to go to work
anyway increased so frumpy replenishment and then becomes effective in addition to to go but that’s another example uh… this is a uh… and uh… here we talked about denying charging people
to to spend more time uh… in original environments and
that’s really what this these protestant minister trichy they failed to find but
they don’t find but you’d be in touch with the mod technique to what was used
in the last example departure dfw they began to showed butter more complex
and extra time to spend some store arens beat the owner all of this company is
also convinced but that has led to believe that in the
princess’ steps this is another example bitches be at
plus supermarket chain n he’d never ends here are very expensive study was
undertaken over actually over two years uh… waved at the university all
couples and also teaching them research amazing combination all techniques
during that period art by detecting charter to edit uh… quoted interviews uh… as author essential to point out
that they used attitude to undertake this study they took out all of these
new seasonal variations marketing chris’s parents for example and they labeled in in the pit in the
area where this was uh… the study was undertaken rusty uh… to identical stalls wet one recollection was changed how mom where nothing’s changed at all and then they had little to determine and reach this results where at five percent
fought wid own four point five percent uh… additional sells has been achieved
for with its uh… resort so we’re coming bring up towards the end
of quote based on it with an arkansas computer takeaways employees even in the
hope that we cannot commit opt for strong questions so the first point is richard just
reminders of the we can’t only estimates a relatively small amount of information
in relation to what we up to receive acceptance limit from a about the different perspective
lodging included uh… essential suit they are ordeals the space to make sense
of it for the people who are spending of very short period of time actually in
uh… enough store and we look at that point on the brady
members approx away and country attracting engaging in combating
customers getting into the store uh… becomes
known to move through the space uh… and to explore different products
manholes west suiting up on that much pain very easily tommy touched on the accomplished a penny
emotional roles all clubs and therefore that his people together
and of course looking at photographs ever early stage
in the project then it is possible suit you’d like uh… to republicans really a a business told and this is being shown in some of the examples go out and uh…
you know improve with you today so just opens just to remind us about
those you perhaps drawings a few minutes lakes it this presentation has been uh…
accredited four fifty people in sacramento where they are gay or the
n_r_a_ in or not mckinney will be able to get to a fee to be points forward and now i’d like to just habit to st louis was it committee not good for any anythin
questions that well uh… tried to get a little bit of
uh… uh… second right priorities and the wrong questions but overdosed on the dot blots slide which was built in monday mothers legalisms right what kind of email to this email address and weakening the
we will do our best to aren’t you a question offers i’m just all kinds one question coming in here so yeah bruce attendance that one person
have laws color change you uh… academy which uh… project this
is this is referring to you but other than the other question
however a more general way uh… the keeping of thirty two baydhabo
what he’d like to appropriate for that report attrition and maybe cover if
appropriate maybe covers the right way to do it may
be for example links to the browns may be linked to a new arrange of our products so i would botch uh… it you know the prevailed the question
uh… indicated he could take the plots street market cases but when you’re
referring to then uh… yes the answer attitudes
about these yes and that that was unit that was threatened by a parental
for something brand of product stream
cropping towards people u_-two moved about possible store okay so we’re going to look them over noted another question okay there’s a good credit another
interesting question here tell me about being a natural light levels so i think yeltsin this is uh… it’s pulled me
back to where we started which it is about thinking about the adopted states or quote the human our
principal and thinking about actually what is
appropriate for that situation when we showed that example all uh… the the rico could compete in the lord
david well that obviously you know you need to do something uh… and taken to
make sure by the way that uh… if there is a book
is all the harmonica level in some way uh… to be a peculiar do you think the
fact that you have to be in some way could compete with it gerbil clear to raise attention to the
government the state necessary having a highlight level uh…
everywhere so that that’s what this is about is
about having the appropriate amounts of light for for the uh… situation okay would not do one more abnormal cash question on this
reading through them to bed with me uh… okay with another question have what it
correctly the recommended color temperatures for to close returning as opposed to supermarket what kind of the art of this one little
bit like the like little question it’s a question of what it’s uh…
portraits and so let me give you one specific example imagine your tribe so up fresh uh… products like fish and use a warm colored temperature what’s what message will that give you would probably give you the message but big fish even though it might be
extremely fresh uh… is actually uh… alphabetic picture example ever probably
appropriate to use any critical temperature so we have the question is just simply
to to really make a study with uh… you know who i was involved in in the
projects troops used to be appropriate color
temperature four pulled up for that project so unbearable talks uh… org p all of the
questions we got thirty or forty other questions that we will go korlam and we
will come back to all the people who hostile questions is open minded email address but please
don’t hesitate to sonya uh… email and we will come back to you on top of the uh… pittsburgh
university thank you very much indeed for your coupon irons also really have
been useful

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