Vestige business plan in hindi : Marketing plan Animated 2019

This video is for them who want do big in life And also For them who wants to earn money So hie everyone I m Dhiraj Rangwani From vestige Lets Start 21st century best business Is Direct selling The best thing in this business Anyone can do this business you can do it your younger brother can your mom your dad Simply you have to do is Firstly you learn from here and then teach others and second thing you have to do is whichever products you have been purchased from market Same Products you have to purchase from vestige company Just think friends , how cool is this Whatever products you have being purchased from market Same if you are purchasing that from vestige, you can earn lots of income from vestige And Also By teaching this system to others we get paid If you liked our products Do share this products with others that’s our business formula So the name of this system is Vestige Marketing business Everyone who joins this system Why Are they successful today So what is the special thing in this company Anyone who joins vestige is successful today So friends do watch this video completely I will keep everything about the company in-front of you So firstly we will take about vestige company Vestige company started in June 2004 With offices Delhi and Bangalore And with 2 Products and 6 Distributors And now Guess what Today their are more than 1 crore distributors working in vestige compnay And we have more than 200 products and good thing is that per day their are 3000 people joining in vestige And if we talk about offices 50 plus branch offices And 5000 plus DLCP’s centers Vestige is now working international As vestige has started in 2008 in nepal And in 2012 its has started in dubai vestige private limited company Is now India’s top direct selling company Just because in vestige company You dont only get money Love , respect and much more Now its time to proof Lets check Its certificate and legality So vestige is halal certified ISO certified WHO certified German certified IDSA’s member And vestige is MCA registered FICCI’s member

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100 thoughts on “Vestige business plan in hindi : Marketing plan Animated 2019

  1. क्या आप 5Month में
    बनना चाहते हैं
    तो ये PLAN करो –
    1st Month-
    1Month- 4Sunday
    1Sunday- 1Dremer
    4Sunday- 4Dremer
    Team- 5Dremer
    Purchasing- ₹1000/Dreamer
    Total Purchasing- ₹5000/-
    Level- 5%
    Payout- ₹30/-
    2nd Month-end
    Joing- 4×4=16Dremer
    Team- 16+5=21Dremer
    Purchasing- 21×₹1000/=₹21000/
    Payout- ₹400/- ₹500/
    3rd Month-
    Joining- 16×4=64Dremer
    Team- 64+21=85Dremer
    Purchasing- 85×₹1000/=₹85000/-
    Payout- ₹1600/- ₹1700/-
    4th Month-
    Joining- 64×4=256Dremer
    Team- 256+85=341
    341×₹1000/- =₹3'41'000/-
    Level- DIRECTOR
    PAYOUT- ₹25000/- -₹30000/-
    5th Month-
    Joining- 256×4=1024Dremer
    Team- 1024+341=1365Dremer
    PAYOUT- ₹70'000-₹1'00'000/-

    For joining what's app- 9507961372

  2. Ab mughey Pura vishwas ho gaya Hai ki mughey bhi safalta milegi thanks vestige Marketing Private Limited

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  4. Sir I have joined on 31st March. If I give business of 300pv with my team in the month of April. Will I get the benefits of fast 8% ?

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  6. किसी भी व्यक्ति की अगर vestige में Groth नही हो रही। तो 9588172958 नंबर पर growthing tips के लिए संपर्क करे।

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  11. Hlo sir fast director Karne par 10000 k free product milte hai and 40000+ retail profits and 30000+ bonus cheque it's mean total income approximately 70000rs + free product of 1000rs .Is it true??

  12. भाई,मोबाइल की पूरी आवाज खोल दी फिर भी आपकी आवाज धीमे आ रही है थोडा तेज बोलना चाहिए था।


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  19. Madhrchod is ka product itna mahanga hai ki aik bar jo kharid liya uska gand fat jata hai jo cheej 5 rupee ka hai market me wahi cheej isme 75 rupee ka hai itna india develope nahi kiya hai

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