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91 thoughts on “vestige marketing business plan || telugu || BUSINESS || 9866202933

  1. DNR stands for Daily Need Retail. shoppy India based company it fulfills your daily need products in the maximum discounts and gives you earning opportunity. my whattsaap 9848006885 andhrapradesh or telangana

  2. Good news for Vijayawada people.. great business plan.. you can earn lakhs with zero investment. want to know more details about the plan, WhatsApp me on 9652247214

  3. లేదు ఇదీ నీజం తేలీయకుండ కాదు తేలుసుకునీ చేప్పు 7569797441

  4. Please don’t support this kind of companies they are just bribing people recently qnet and prohealthywayz are sealed by the government

  5. Indulo mosam undo ledo theliyadu kani, vallu ammina products mathrame konali, adi kuda bokke. Example manaku santoor kavalankondi, vadu inkedo soap ammuthadu, chachinatu ade konali, marketlo aithe manaki nachinavi konukovachu. Konni marketlo adharana leni brands ni promote cheskodanki ilanti tricks Anthe. Endukante vallaki distributers dorakaru, sale kavadam ledu ani wholesale shops vallu kuda thiskoru. Direct ga janalaki cheruva cheyadam. Avi thiskoni satisfy kalemu + monthly inti sarukulu kachithamga andulonunde konali, konipinchali. Ilantivi waste. Lol…

  6. Good business plan if interested to
    Start business or purchase u r self u wil get income….refer any friends if they like products they wil join n purchase….we cant sell to thousands off retail market shop or out let or any supermarket…or online shoping…in vestige plan its possible our team wil spread automatically…

    Cal me any doubts n clarity…

  7. Anyone wants to join Vestige in Delhi NCR team can contact me. Myself Manoj Joshi from Warangal, serving in Indian Army and building my network in Vestige as part time. My team is in Telangana, Maharashtra, Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, UP, Rajasthan and Jammu. My watsapp no is 9654223805.

  8. Interested to join. Call: 7356694716. Or who r only willing to buy discount products can use my Distributor ID while buying in vestige store. ID: 51886356

  9. ఇంత పెద్ద ఇంటర్నేషనల్ మార్కెటింగ్ కంపెనీ

    కింద wish you wellth అని పెట్టారు
    Wellth అంటే అర్థం ఏమిటో చెప్పగలరు

  10. In this vestige direct marketing there is no fast growth in life,
    In India there is no. 1 industry direct sale with in 6 months to one year only spend the time you can achieve your goals & dreams, best thing is that South state still not at introduces only few members know this marketing around only 15 people including me u want to know more details contact me on 9030989637 or wtsup same no.

  11. People who have habit of earning easy money will do this type of businesses.. if we observe the rates of vestige majority products are double the rate are available in the outside market.. many innocent people joined and dropped what is their future. . If 10 people will join vestige only one success.. that too if he has a capacity to join others. Others can't do like that so drag drag innocent people by motivation speeches who cant join others..

  12. group in come 6 membars ki ivvala chepaledhu mi ru

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