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Looking to maximize your business
communications without breaking the bank? MightyCall has made calling easy and
affordable for even the smallest businesses around. Getting started is a breeze.
Just pick a local or toll-free number for your business or even a
vanity number for marketing purposes and your account and number will be ready
to make and receive calls instantly. You don’t need a second phone or any
hardware either so everything can run straight from the cell phone you already have. Worried about mixing person on business calls? Caller ID makes it clear which calls are coming in. Now how any phone system
handles its call load determines how useful it is. With MightyCall you can add your
colleagues and all of their devices from phones and tablets to computers to
synchronize all of your company’s communications. Everyone can even have
their own phone extension. You can make separate departments and let your auto-attendant (press 1 for sales – for help etc) route calls instantly. You can group callers too – for your most important clients add them to a VIP list to give them instant call priority. For spam and calls that are time-wasters block them
immediately with our blacklist feature. And if you’re looking to save time at
night you can set business hours to automatically send any calls outside
that window to another employee or your voicemail so you never get disturbed. Once you spend 5 to 10 minutes setting your call rules and call flows everything from there on out will run smoothly and automatically You can do everything you need to on desktop or the mobile app. Mightycall gives you the
unlimited flexibility for all of your business communications MightyCall
Designed with small business in mind

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