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Hey kids welcome back again to Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. That’s right. I got a quite a few requests for this, it’s Ken can you
please do the live performance of Paramore’s “Misery Business” and we all
know that’s Hayley Williams. So I haven’t seen it yet so we’re just going to dive
right in let’s check it on out. Acoustic. Cool. It’s nice and tight. It’s pretty good. Good energy, pretty decent pitch. Good pitch man. Good harmony. Frst of all there’s a lot of words going on there. I heard the song in fact we’ve covered
this song and I did that with a Kati Cher one my students. There’s a lot of lot of words going on. Now she does this rap a little
differently and she’s a little out of breath then it’s little pitchy and stuff
whatnot but it’s the nature of the song too so it’s kind of cool she’s just kind of
rapping it off and actually like the lyric is kind of
interesting but they’re doing a killer job. The band’s super tight she’s just
throwing down. I love her confidence, I love her poise, I love her ability to
just you know go in and dig in and hit it and not care what anyone thinks
and that would be Hayley man that’s that’s her gig. Now I gotta say kudos to the DP whoever
did this director photography, the camera man
guys because they’re getting a lot of really crystal-clear, good lit, close-ups
of these guys. Good hand shots you know good sides. One side from her and
other side from him and so if you really take a look and go back over this you’ll
see that the camerawork it’s pretty pretty spot-on it’s really good. Great harmonies men it’s nice. Let’s see. I’m not seeing any soloing yet. That is not soloing It’s playing chords. Okay so he’s soloed chords, rhythm chords
those were not soloing notes but I just want clarify that with you guys. She’s great. Hayley’s great man. She’s spot-on to the record. Nice. Good job. Love that. Hey man you know it’s really
hard to do acoustic performances. Two guys playing acoustic her singing
along, that’s a tough gig it’s tough to you have the energy and fill up with a
wall of sound and get everything to work together so good job Hayley man. Man
two thumbs up straight up for you. Thank you guys for joining me if you like what
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43 thoughts on “Vocal Coach Reacts To Hayley Williams | Paramore | Misery Business | Ken Tamplin

  1. I'm a fan of paramore she's great I like that guitar picking that guys great on guitar I would be out of breath trying to sing this I don't know how she does it hayleys great I always thought she was attractive my favorite one she does is decode paramore that's my favorite love it not a bad performance it's pretty good like you said Ken she nailing those notes spot on that was a great performance I enjoyed it that she got through it without getting out of breath wow 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  2. Love her voice but not many of her songs. Franklin is a deeper cut that I do like. If you have a favorite deep cut please tell me so I can explore it. Cheers.

  3. Aw mannn…
    While scrolling through, for a brief second l thought this was Monkey Business by Skid Row.

    🎶🎵🎵 What's this fu-unnk, that you call ju-uunk, to me it's just Mon-key Biz-NESS! Get back, HUHHH! 🎵🎼🎼

  4. Havend you evend named us your kids ? I declay with open ears and brain out of use ! Brains are forbidden i Germany ☝️🤬 but to the Matter and keeping FOCUS ! I wont say talentet girlsinger is she ! And try to remember wastet Artists are kindred -janis jolin – for not blondes – or so ! But – agree her singing is valiofull she got stuff able she s ! End its not easy your languich ! Bla bla rigth now p a o ☝️🇩🇪👍🤬👋

  5. There is this video from 2010 where she sings on street, it sounded better to my ear. I think her voice was not there in this performance, but really love her voice and stage presence. Been listening her music for many years.

  6. Never heard this song – is it always so fast paced? Was driving when I was listening and had the urge to drive fast 😂. Great lyrics and confidence 🙂

  7. Hi Ken, some time ago Kati Cher covered 'The Fighter' by In This Moment on your channel but maybe you could make a video on Maria Brink? She's an extraordinary lady and it'd be interesting to hear what you've got to say about her vocal technique. She's one of the best rock divas out there (in my very humble opinion). That's just a quick suggestion. 🙂
    Thank you for your videos, you're awesome!!

  8. Truly Awesome!, I Liked it a lot, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link www.youtube.com/channel/UCv_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ?sub_confirmation=1 , if you like to 🙂

  9. Wow, what a talented singer, and fine performance. Glad to see you mention the excellent camera direction, which often goes way wrong where live music is concerned.

  10. I'm still praying for a meatloaf reaction XD your energy and passion for music is something rare and I appreciate it 😉 always great videos even when I don't like the song/band, you yourself make your videos great 🙂

  11. Hi Ken! As always love the videos! I want to know your opinion on reacting to youtubers, or other singing coaches. I know that reacting to singing coaches might start a war, but I do think it could potentially save people's voices, especially if what they are teaching is just outright wrong. Just a random thought I had, keep up the great work!

  12. Hey ken, can you please react to some Audioslave live performances? Cornell is one of my favorites and i've always wondered what a professional voice teach thinks about his singing.

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