Watson Assistant for Marketing: This is not a demo.

– All of your data will
produce better results. This is not a demo. If you’re expecting the
usual, this isn’t for you. It can’t be a demo because
this is Watson Assistant for Marketing the AI-powered advisor in a lot of Watson Marketing products. It gets you data and insights faster giving you more time to deliver mind-blowing customer experiences. This is a powerhouse. It helps you pull campaign
reports, evaluate metrics, get support to make smarter
marketing decisions, (cheering) and it makes you look like a superstar. This is fast. Blink-or-you-might-miss-it fast. Did you blink? Because Watson just compared this quarter’s campaign to
last quarter’s, in seconds. This is smart. It’s not a chatbot, it’s a conversation. – What’s up? – Hi, Michael, here’s your dashboard. That happens wherever you are. This is more than a dashboard, it’s a command center that learns with every question you ask. Automatically serving up the info you’re usually looking for. Like comparing your
performance to industry data, identifying relationships within the data, and even predicting performance. – Show me industry benchmarks. – I have found the following benchmarks. Boom, you just accessed benchmarks for 20 industries and nine geos. And it pumps out metrics faster than Bobby the Science Fair King. The click-to-open rate of mailing
Ski Season Opening is 47.6. This is a navigator. – How do I create a mailing template? – Check out these results. That guide you through the
application you’re working in. See, this is not a demo because this is not your
regular marketing tool. It’s the one that changes
the way you do marketing. (drumming)
This is Watson Assistant for Marketing.

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4 thoughts on “Watson Assistant for Marketing: This is not a demo.

  1. As with AI, I think it's a big risk in terms of who programs, or simply teaches them. And they can go towards the evil spectrum or work with us to make this world, whatever we agreed on! I'm about to get into working on some code after downloading almost 2 hours worth of stuff. I was somewhat shocked at the penetration it has made into so many markets I thought were "safe" for now, but that part is on the managers to board members as to what will happen to workers. I do think we are over-extending, as per usual, and wayyy too quickly. When you do too much things too fast, like spices while cooking, you can't tell where you messed for next time you cook the same. But I guess the Fed is likely to force a "crypto" currency on us in the next 5-10 years. I can't imagine them allowing NATO o other groups be in charge of it. Money is the #1 silent weapon as far as its affects on our lives. A re-brand shouldn't fool anyone

  2. Really Watson is something amazing.. we are getting advantage of it a Querlo, and got astonishing results

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