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Hello and welcome to Talk Business 360.
Where we feature insightful one-on-one interviews and profiles of business
leaders and innovators who are making a difference and meeting the challenges of
today’s business world. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the program. On today’s Talk
Business 360, we’re joined by Primerica. One of the largest and fastest-growing
companies in the financial services industry and the only company doing
what’s right to help Main Street families meet
today’s financial challenges. Our purpose at Primerica is to create financially
independent families and we’re focused on providing financial solutions to Main
Street families across the United States and Canada. The very cornerstone of what
we do is Buy Term and Invest the Difference. In other words, we believe if
you need to protect your family the only way to do it is through high-value
low-cost term insurance. Today we see people with less protection on their
family’s income on Main Street than ever before. We see families saving less than
ever before. We see families more in debt. I find like people, even first people,
like me, you know, they they graduate, they have student loans, they have no plan.
Some of the generations like my parent’s generations, right, they’re getting to
that retirement age when there’s absolutely nothing. People are doing the
same things that they used to do when it was 20, 30, years ago. It’s a different day
in time now as the times change people need to change. Primerica’s greatest
advantage is in our distribution capabilities. We can reach Main Street
North America like no other company and help them turn an entrepreneurial spark
into a big business. The reason why our business model works so well, not only in
in the United States, but also in Canada and Puerto Rico, people want to be
involved in something unique that has great purpose and deep down inside
people want to be a part of something special. There’s no other company like
Primerica. Because we do what’s right for Main Street. We’re catering to the middle-class
America and no other company is doing that. We’re an alternative. We’re a
company that brings new ideas, new ways of doing things to a market that’s been
ignored for many, many years. We really have not just an opportunity, but a
mission and a goal to touch as many families and people that we can. We’re
the only company that brings from all backgrounds all walks of life
together to build distribution in the financial services arena. That gives us
access to markets that no other company has. That gives an opportunity to people
from all backgrounds and all walks of life to achieve something in this
industry that no other company can offer.

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