We Created A Matchmaking Business

finding love probably one of the most common struggles we all face at one point in our lives yet as we’ve grown more connected online than ever before and moved into giant cities a lot of people still seem to struggle making genuine connections with each other so that gave us an idea what if we gave ourselves three days to create a legit matchmaking business I can give 40 single people in the same room and push them to seek discomfort to get to know each other faster than they’ve ever gotten to know any other stranger beforehand since we want the challenge to be turning this into a legitimate business the event will be paid entry and the entire operation had to be paid for with the money we made from the tickets so we visited our friends Esteban and Jackie who’s throwing events like this in the past to ask for help we’re starting a matchmaking business or what what a visitor well we have a Facebook fan Facebook group and referred stories about different members like subscribers meeting up and ending up dating we’ve gotten DMS messages for people being my business that’s a better point max making businesses care but we want to do is just figure out a way to get a twist I guess the yes during this number twist to put people on the spot the first hour is gonna be difficult because people are gonna be frustrated I need Thomas it’s a connection and then I have to move and it’s someone like Matt I’m like Oh what compared to Thomas Oh but then I have to keep it yeah my leg no no these are dude these were just random names I chose and then I go to a Marv and I go he’s the best one race an example right what dude and then I fall in love with Darren guys remember after spending the rest of the afternoon planning the most yes Theory matchmaking events we could think of we had two more things to do before Thursday first find 40 people who’d be willing to not only participate but actually pay to come and second finance set up a venue all within the budgets from the tickets with a lot of work ahead of us so let’s just say we were extremely excited to get started what feel like it’s always the beginning of these things you see the mountain and you ask yourself do I want to climb that there’s gonna be really stressful once we have the venue we can set up the page and then we’re just gonna have to sell tonight and tomorrow that’s where I find the most discomfort is in selling I hate selling it that’s what it is right we’re starting a business zone this is the ultimate test of are we creating a service that is interesting enough for people to want to pay for Oh sell tickets to an event that we don’t have a venue for two people who we potentially creeped out hopefully not though cuz then our business will be bankrupt hello ello ello ello coming to singles event tomorrow [Music] we need some dudes to write a song all girls right now dude if you have the women the men come they’re like little seagulls they flock finding a venue that we could afford turn out to be a lot harder than we expected we called our friend Mia who knows a lot of private clubs and venue owners in Los Angeles but they were all outside of our budget and then out of nowhere we remembered someone so we just remembered that we have a friend his name’s Austin that amor actually met while trying to swap his room with a stranger for 24 hours and he has a massive house so maybe we can call him and ask him if he’s downs let us host it there that’s one option that would probably be for free the yes theory is throwing a matchmaking event so we’re looking for a place where we can host 40 people and a bunch of different rooms it’ll be 16 tickets sold so if we include Austin’s roommates 21 and 10 oh I’ve been dealing a bunch of random people and it’s gonna be fine all right it is 12:20 haha oh my god we have six hours main thing is now we’re charging people so we just gotta make it worth their time so gotta get some good food and get some good guests and make the venue look like we put minimum effort more than minimum effort make it look like we put our minimum effort here now give us $20 the truth one corner this is another one way better that I have expected / remembered who’s here thanks for letting us have your house make sure what this party dude but it’s the way we would you do help with okay we got to figure out what they’re gonna do when they’re here so we need that for false advertising fake it till you make a dupe how we looking on tickets we have 25 tickets soul and Austin’s roommates that’s five more people and what’s the with the revenue right now revenue is six hundred and three dollars boom we are making so much money we can just not even throw the event and just keep the cash and we’ll have you guys deal with all the people that show up here just turn off all the lights and then man how you feeling now [Music] 101 dollars and 71 cents $5.99 it wouldn’t be a yesterday we episode if we didn’t try to get strangers on the street and I were throwing a match making we’ll show up you split up in two different ways and there’s food there’s drinks it’s 20 bucks to show up but it’s gonna be freakin worth it and we’re trying to find strangers off the street would be spontaneous enough to say yes or just show up this baby will send you like the details like with two hours to make this venue look like a proper matchmaking venue feeling it now feeling the nerves all right it is actually 6:30 guests are supposed to get here in 30 minutes we’re still trying to patch up the last few details Matt Esteban and Jackie are trying to figure out the different corners and what activity is gonna be happening it’s gonna be a lot of discomfort and hopefully a lot of matching happening tonight doors open in 30 minutes I’m just running through the agenda right now [Music] oh my god my wife doesn’t know I’m here welcome to yes theories first-ever matchmaking events Esteban and Jackie right here have hosted events like this before they are our official hosts for the night but before we start this is going to be a no phones event turn it off and put it in the bucket right there this will be the ultimate way to keep you guys all present really easy just like get-to-know-you he was in the room we’re just gonna say a thing like if you’re an only child and if you are you’re gonna walk across this circle so you’ll just be like kind of these are my people we’re both broken in the same way walk across the circle if in yesterday fashion you’ve been skydiving walk across the circle if you’ve ever pooped your pants right now right now could be my pants right now so scared what we’re gonna do it is men if you want to form a circle in the middle women you’re going to form a circle on the outside and try to partner around every minute and a half we’re gonna say stop and then you will switch partners first one is what is one good quality and one bad quality that your ex would say about you questions maybe look at these questions they’re talking so much it’s so hard to swap them [Applause] we’re gonna do something a little different you are gonna see how many times you can smile in 15 seconds it’s going to be intense like you know it’ll be like no one is like the leader but your hands are gonna move okay now the activities begin it’s gonna happen is there are eight different sections in the house so in the line you’re gonna pick a number out of the Hat and with that number you’ll know we’re gonna go close their eyes if you go to one raise your hand can you see okay firma you’re gonna sit right here there’s a couch yep there you go when do you feel most alive without music and dancing tell me what I’m travelling like by myself I was in London so much you’re like first thing you gotta do is find a partner and start start kissing if you get the same numbers before just put it back and grab a different one and you only cuz you would be any person had a conversation with in your any guy I’ve had a conversation with property that I can read what if I told you my girlfriend was watching right now right now killed it and the only one that’s single call your grandma Claire mom this is going just swimmingly you can find somebody a friend that you’re very close to or family member and you are going to FaceTime them and you’re gonna introduce chatter my mom’s calling back right now so I have somebody to introduce you to this is my new friend hi how are you our first fights over but you know what I only go up from here yeah you have a great son you know you brought up a really good sport yeah yo chill mom chill out [Music] [Applause] [Music] the guy put the hand around the waist and the girl laughs and then they kept cooking they like look Betty I know people do an eye contact skinny based on what you know of the other person now would you be interested in a first kiss with them like every single yes theory event slash idea it starts with just something very vague but an ambition to connect people and tonight we know improvised a lot of it I think it worked out way better than we could have expected so thank you guys a lot for playing a lot [Applause] yes theory matchmaking events yeah but there’s one last thing that we’re gonna need to do very serious be safe [Music] our first-ever matchmaking events turn out so much better than we could have ever expected as goofy as some of the moments were of being vulnerable and uncomfortable in a controlled environment can truly be one of the best ways to connect with someone you’ve never met before and so we now want to end this video with a challenge to you we want you to take a friend or if you’re brave enough even a crush that you don’t know very well yet on an adventure to do something you’ve both never done before and see if that effects your connection let us know how it goes I’ll see you next week way better than I ever got inside my back account I’ve saw a Manny Gomez and my backup thank you guys all for watching I just want to take a quick second to thank our sponsor for this video who’s been saving us for the past couple of months as we’ve been trying to learn our new editing software premiere Skillshare Skillshare is an online service where you can learn new skills ranging from business to illustration to entrepreneurship the first 500 people to click the link in the description below to sign up we’ll get the first two months for free and have access to thousands of new resources there’s over 27,000 classes from experts from around the world then it’s a great place to get started if you’re trying to learn something you’ve never done before or even expand your current skill set we’ve been using it for a few months now to help refine our video editing techniques and are going to continue to use it to teach ourselves some new skills so if you want to dive into new hobby and be a part of the first 500 people to get the first two months for free make sure you click the link in the description below I’ll see you next week

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71 thoughts on “We Created A Matchmaking Business

  1. If only this was a legit match making business venture… I would gladly pay you guys for a night of fun like that.

  2. Yes Theory makes the most spontaneous wonderful videos. Truly an inspiration to make the most out of life! And may I mention that… did I see lovely Sorelle Amore at 10:35? She’s been one of my favorite photographers months before I ever saw this. Needless to say I was shook 😂

  3. Could you guys do this in NY for middle aged folks in their 40s and 50s? I've done the sites and speed dating thing but yours is the best I've come across so far. Big fan of your channel,. You guys are amazing!!

  4. Those 2 guys with girlfriends though, why go to a matchmaking event if you are already in a relationship

  5. Oh I saw Sorelle on the video, and I don't know why, but it made me so happy! She's geven me so much motivation every time I watch one of her videos…
    Btw I just discover your channel guys like 2 days ago and I think I saw already 20 videos, and I working all days long, keep going your awesome!

    Sorry for the written mistake, not my first language!

    Merci d'être aussi motivant vous me donnez envie de me donner à font dans la réalisation de mes rêves !

    xx from Limassol, Cyprus.
    By a Frenchies

  6. All these people were beautiful… if they needed a match making business to help them find someone then that means there’s no hope for me ☹️

  7. Ummm. 13:40 a girl literally reached down and rubbed that guys dick while he was dancing. Not cool. If a guy did that to a girl then it would be the end of the world.

  8. Thomas eating food and giving that weird reaction at 9:37 made me fall out of chair…he always does funny stuff

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