Web Appraisal: Autographed Kay Company Guitar, ca. 1944

GUEST: My husband was in World War II. This guitar was given to him by Special Services. Then after that in the late ’60s, he started
having all of these different stars to put their autographs on there. APPRAISER: The front of the guitar, we’ve
got all this beautiful tooled detail here. Now this is a guitar made by the Kay Company
of Chicago, Illinois. I would say roughly in the mid 1940s. It’s a arch top guitar. Everybody assumes that the leather is going
to mute the sound quite a bit, but I think it still sounds pretty good. The most amazing thing, beautiful surprise,
is, of course as you mentioned, all of the celebrity autographs on it. We’ll just take a minute to look at some of
these. We’ll start with the back of the guitar. GUEST: Up here we have Mel Tillis. We have Hank Thompson, Connie Smith. We have Red Foley, which was one of the first
ones that he got on there. APPRAISER: We’ll turn it around the side here
to reveal some of the more recognizable ones to people, especially of my generation. We’ve got Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton. A wonderful keepsake for you to have. GUEST: Oh, yes. APPRAISER: I would say that if I had to put
a value on it, the guitar itself, without the tooled leather and the autographs, a Kay
guitar of this vintage is probably about a $300 to $350 instrument. With the added leather work and the autographs,
I would put it more in the range of a collectible worth about $1,000. GUEST: I understand.

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7 thoughts on “Web Appraisal: Autographed Kay Company Guitar, ca. 1944

  1. This was her husband's guitar. As a guitar, these always have structural issues that are expensive to fix and
    generally sell for less than $300. The sigs are from B-list country stars who toured a ton because their records wouldnt sell. No way is this worth selling if it's in your family. I think the 1K estimate was just to be polite.

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