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Hi guys, welcome to my YouTube channel in this video I want to introduce myself talk about what my plans are with this channel and what you should expect in the future if you subscribe My name is Szilárd. I’ve been a self-taught front-end web developer for about 5 years now. I live in the beautiful city of Cluj-Napoca in the heart of Transylvania My main two passions are coding and tending to my bonsai plants. I Created this channel because I Want to grow and I want to become a better developer. I want to challenge myself to do things I never did before and create something of my own I believe that by creating tutorials and how-to videos I can polish and Improve my existing skills also I can motivate myself to learn new technologies experiment with different ideas and Hopefully creates some passive income on the side Another reason would be that by showing the results with an audience. Maybe I can help teach or even inspire others as I mentioned My main plans with this channel Will be learning and teaching new skills focused around web development and Creating some kind of online business. From time to time I will upload some unboxing videos with Gadgets that I will buy and use along the way. My first idea for tutorial series would be to introduce you to web development and Show you how to create some kind of online business that has a website or a blog maybe YouTube channel and Takes advantage of all the main social media platforms. At this point in time when I record this video I have absolutely no idea how to create a YouTube channel how to edit videos or Anything related to this topic, but I plan to learn them, make mistakes and Hopefully create something interesting for you so if you want to learn about web development and how to create an online business then come along with me on this journey and Let’s make our dreams a reality. I will take you step by step trough everything I do This will be a beginner’s guide and I will explain everything along the way. I am really excited to start this project So I hope you are as well. Let me know in the comments Like share and subscribe if you want to see more videos. Thanks for watching. See you in the next one

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