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Oh hey! So you’re thinking about a new
website, but not sure where to start or who you can trust to build it. I
understand. Your website’s a big part of marketing. Let me try to clear things up
for you. Here’s my website process from start to finish. Most websites will take
roughly four to six weeks from start to finish, and I do my very best to keep it
in that time frame. First things first: you contact me or I contact you. This is
generally how relationships start, right? You can give me a call or fill out the
contact form on my website. You tell me a little bit about what you’re looking for,
and I reply saying “Yeah, let’s do it!” And then we’re off. The next stage is brand
discovery and competitive and research. You can sit back and enjoy your coffee,
orange juice, or whatever it is you drink, and I’m gonna get to work. I look through
your company’s past and current online presence and search for opportunities
where we can break through in your industry’s online market. After that
we’re gonna have a phone call and go over the nitty-gritty details of your
website. Some businesses will want something simple; others have specific
needs in mind, like I want this image on our services page 3/4 the way down on
the left side of the page, and that’s fine. We can go as in-depth as you like
or we can keep it simple. Next we’ll finalize the site map. We’ll
decide which pages we want on the website and where we want them. Now this next step is my favorite: the home page mock-up. This is where we get to see a
glimpse of what your soon-to-be website will look like. As long as you are happy
with the mock-up we’ll move forward and add the rest of the pages to the website,
all the way through I’ll be here to answer any questions you may have and provide guidance. I take it back; this is actually my favorite part of the process:
publishing the website. Once we publish the website we’re done, right? Well yeah,
mostly. Websites do need maintenance and updating though, so there’s one last step. This is where I set up website backups for safety. I also add analytics
monitoring to track performance. So see, it’s not that complicated. Shoot me a
message. Let’s get this started today 🙂

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