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You work hard in your business delivering
the goods and services your customers need. You probably don’t have time to worry about
things like online marketing. After all, you’ve got a website and you use
Facebook now and then. Isn’t that all you need? Sure, you’d like if the phone rang a little more often. Or maybe, once in a while, somebody got in
touch through that fancy website to buy from you. That’s what it’s there for, right? To attract more business? But what if it’s not? What if your website isn’t doing it’s job
as well as it could? Does it matter that much? How many people really bother to look up a
business anyway? Actually, quite a few. In our connected world, 87% of consumers look
for information online before contacting a business. That’s a lot of potential new customers you
could be missing out on if your website isn’t up to date for today’s browsers, or doesn’t
present the information people are searching for. And speaking of search, do you know if your
website is even showing up in search results for the key terms your customers are using? On the surface, your website may look shiny
and new, and who knows, maybe even impressive. But underneath, the code it’s written in could
be slowing down the time it takes to load in people’s browsers. This is only one of several factors that can
affect whether or not your website will show up well in Google and other search engine
results. And fast loading times could be even more of an issue for people searching for you on a mobile device. That may not seem like a big deal, until you
consider that 65% of consumers use a smartphone to start the research phase before making
a purchase. Probably your website is okay. But if it’s even only a few years old, there
could be areas for improvement to ensure your online presence is generating more leads and inquiries for your business. That’s where Build Marketing comes in. Our custom website audit will give you Key
Insights and Actionable Information covering the 4 Vital Areas of High Visibility & High
Value Websites. We’ll look at 42 key points that affect the
performance of your website and offer recommendationson how to solve problems affecting User Experience, Conversion Optimization, SEO/Online Visibility, and Performance & Security. You’ll start getting more traffic and better
response rates when you take action with our custom website audit today. So what are you waiting for? Why leave your online marketing to chance? Book your Custom Website Audit today to improve
your online results and Build Your Business with Build Marketing!

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