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Hi I’m Dale Beaumont, I’m the offer of
16 best selling books and the creator of Business Blueprint. You are about to step inside one
of our live seminars called the new roles of business. And you’re about to discover
a range of tactics and strategies to help you to grow your business faster and easier
than ever before. So enjoy the video and we’re talking again soon. Ok.. so the big picture
that you wanna do is you wanna start with one of these and then what you wanna do is
develop seperate websites per products that you have. So this is the guy called Armad
Morin and Armand Morin has this site here whcih is kinda like relationship building
sites called But then every single one of the thirty plus products that
he has, has it’s own website and the reason why is because over here all of these products
are all kind of mixed in. And the problem is that the more you split somebody’s focus
the less they’ll actually do. Ok .. let me just give you a live example here right..
to demonstrate how confusion lets to know sales. So who’s ever been to circus before.
Circus.. Ok.. if you have ever seen tiger at the circus what is the trainer actually
do? Get the chair like this and he moves the chair around like this. Now what happen with
the tiger or the lion is because they got 4 points of focus. It can’t actually lock
on to any one of them. And they basically paralyze it won’t actually move forward
because it’s too confused. And so if they would get a broom stick and hold a broom stick..
still they go straight forward and wanna attack it. But if they got four points contact like
this the animal stay still and won’t move. So that’s what happen alot.. thank you..
on website is what we do is we distract people with too many different things. So on your
main website, and you have to need to have a main website. Your product is gonna one
of ten, one of twenty, one of thirty. But when they go on to seperate website it then
become one of one, there’s no other disctraction there. They’re not gonna go off to the shiny
bull over here or there. So that’s what probably we do all the time is develop a number
of websites.. one website per each products that you have. Ok.. now obviously.. if you’re
selling like shoes and you got like three thousands shoes that offer you a website you’re
gonna have one website. But if you are selling a few different products, ok.. if you’re
selling stuffs the other exception is if they’re all low in like you know all 30, 40 dollars.
Then you may to get away with one site but if you’re starting to sell products for
a hundred dollars or more I think that they need their own website. And what happen is
each of these ones here are having optim form.. and with the optim form if you interested
in that products you’re putting your name and email address that takes you to the next
page and then put the next week or the next month. You get follow up emails all directing
you back to purchasing that particular products. Ok.. and here you know what they want but
over there you really don’t know what they want so these are customized messages. And
the reason why Armand morin does this. I do know it quite well , because 90 percent of
his sales do not come from this website. They come from all of these seperate websites.
Ok.. so long of the conversation it does comes back to a strategy but I want you to just
think to yourself. You’re gonna start with one of these and then once that does growling
my products and then I’m gonna set up a seperate products, a seperate website for
everyone of my products that I’m gonna have. Is that make sense? Hi I’m Dale Beaumont.
I’m the guy you’ve been watching in the video just there. I’d like to give you a
chance to connect on our on going basis. If you enjoy what you’ve learned, and you like
to learn more then please add to our website. The address is
As I look forward to connecting with you more there. And helping
you to build a stronger and more profitable business. Brought to you by>>[Music for Business Blueprint]

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