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More Brides, this is Stephanie, and today I’m exploring one of my favorite wedding
business tools and here is why. Get ready for this… Google lies. That’s right. And they might
be lying to you right now, but tool is going to show you how to find out the truth. If you go to Google, and I type in interior
design business, here are the results that come up. Now Google delivers results based
on your social network and your location, as well as relevance. So in other words, I’m
gonna get different results than you’re going to get wherever you’re located. So when I look at the search results here,
if I scroll down, I have local results here for my home town of Poughkeepsie in NY, right?
And I also have, well, lo and behold, here is Gail’s website coming up for interior
design business. However, you see that little person icon next
to that link? That means it’s a personal result. That means Google served this up because
they know that I’m friends with Gail on Facebook and Twitter, and that I’ve probably
visited her website, and they think it’s more relevant for me, and they’re dishing
it up in the search results because they know who and where I am. So I’m also seeing pictures from some of
my friends that are labeled interior design business. So this is what I see, but the way to find
out what’s really true about your website and what you rank for is to go to something
called a proxy server. Now a proxy server is a way for you to access the internet and
do a search without Google knowing where you are. It hides your location. This is one of my favorites and it’s called
Hide My Ass. And yes, it’s partly because of the name. I do like that. So what you’re going to do is go to
and type in, on, using their web proxy, and click on Hide My Ass. Now that you are logged on to through
Hide My Ass, your location, your IP address, is hidden. So now when I type in interior
design business, I’m going to get a whole different set of results. And you’ll notice if I scroll down, there
are no little personal results icons, and I do not see Gail’s website on this page.
In fact, I don’t see it until page two. So that’s what most of the rest of the world
is seeing, and when I look it up on my account, I’m getting personal results. So the same thing could be happening to you!
So what I want you to do is go to and type in the #1 keyword phrase you’d
like your wedding business website to rank for and find out the truth. And then leave
me a comment below to share what you’ve learned. Want more wedding business tools to grow your
business? Visit us at and we’ll be happy to share them with you.

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