Weirdest Websites On The Internet Pt. 2

Join us on a journey into
the weirdest parts of the internet. Let’s do that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning. The internet– one of mankind’s
greatest inventions, second only to the Flowbee. – Here’s to the Flowbee.
– Sometimes you just find yourself– if you spend any time
on this internet thing– Sometimes I just find myself. …in the weird part of
the internet. As a matter of fact, we made a few videos that people
have commented, like Dope Zebra, and they would say, “I’m in
the weird part of the internet.” And I would take that as a compliment. I think it’s great that the internet
has created these pockets… – Weird parts.
– …where everyone with any type of idea can exist and make a video
or make an entire website. But the problem that you have
is that your time is too valuable to gather these weirdest websites
on the Internet into one place to have an experience with
two weird dudes commenting on them. You got to do jobs and schools and… – Lives.
– …life. But we don’t. So what we’ve done–
I’ve pulled together some– I’ve gone to the weird
part of the internet and I’ve– – Have you made it back alive?
– I have returned. But now I’m going back again
with you and you, – and we’re gonna screenshot–
– I’m ready. We have the technology
to screen-capture my facility here. And I’m gonna take you to the realms
with which no one speaks of. And if they do, they just say, “I’m in the weird part of the internet.” – Are you ready?
– Yep. First website’s called So this website loads a cat video and puts it with a song from YouTube. – ♪ (Alphaville, “Big in Japan”) ♪
– And loops the cat, I see. And then I’m gonna go
up here. I’m gonna click– if you don’t like that one–
“Show me another cat.” I want to see another cat. “Loading a cat and buffering a song.” – Almost there.
– Oh yeah. Lettuce head cat. ♪ (Gheorghe Zamfir,
“The Lonely Shepherd”) ♪ Oh yeah. I’m gonna be
spending a lot of time here. – That is great.
– In the coming weeks. Now, that cat has just finished
chopping all that wood, and he’s just laying back
with some lettuce on his head. Just like I would be doing
if I’d chopped all that wood. – Let’s see some more.
– Oh yeah, you’re right. There are more. Pretty caught up in that one.
“Show me another cat.” – ♪ (Eduard Khil singing) ♪
– This the trololololol guy. – Cats can’t do that.
– Is that After Effects, or that a real cat tongue
coming out of that real cat face? I think a real cat tongue
came out of a real cat face, but it came out at once,
and then they were like, “Well, let’s loop this.” And one more for the road. – ♪ (Zomby, “Tears in the Rain”) ♪
– (Rhett chuckling) Wow. It’s like the front paws are determined to hold on to the tennis ball, but the back paws are
determined to break that up. Do you understand a loop, Link?
This was a moment in time. – This is a GIF.
– And when they loop it over and over again, it makes you think that the cat is just caught in
a trance and kicking his legs. – Oh yeah.
– I will be back. That’s right. You got to drop some
breadcrumbs to that one, baby. – All right, next.
– Or I’ll just leave a bookmark. – (crew laughs)
– (chuckles) Good idea. Now, if you were to guess
what this was, what would you say? It’s a place where you buy
the pee of predators. That’s right. “Original Predator Pee: Bringing Pee
to the People Since 1986.” They sell pee, all different
types of predators’ pee. Coyote, wolf, fox, bobcat,
mountain lion, fisher. What’s a fisher?
That’s a man that catches fish. (chuckles) Fisherman’s pee. I can get you some of that pretty easily. I’m gonna do a little scroll action here. 20-ounce yard cover granules. If you’re peeing granules,
you need to call a doctor immediately. Unless you’re a fox
and you don’t have a phone. (laughs) So there you go. If you want
to buy some predator urine, you’re welcome. (chuckles)
I don’t get a cut. But I do enjoy this other website: – I get it.
– Like the artist. – ♪ ( Jib Kidder, “Windowdipper”) ♪
– “Nel..W1.. Croak…?” Here’s another cat. ♪ (remixed Windows chimes) ♪ – Like computer sounds.
– So computer, like, Windows music and then animals and
weird 3D renderings of technology and Netscape icons and, uh… What’s that? A floppy disk? No, a Pepsi can? Well, this is brought
to you by Pepsi, huh? – I doubt it.
– These are two floating hands… – I highly doubt it.
– …stabbing something. So there’s a retro vibe to this site, and I definitely feel like
this could be playing in the background of, like, my office. – Screensaver.
– It’s like a screensaver for your life. Like, if I could walk around with this
on a screen behind me, people would think that I was cool. I don’t think so. Or if you just want to get
your mind right, go to this site. I like it, but I feel like
it’s trying too hard. I feel like the website
is trying too hard. This next site that I found
features one woman who is trying very hard to do one thing. It’s called
Reborn dash baby. – Oh!
– Now, look. That is a baby doll that she has made
to look like a real baby. – This is immoral.
– Well, it’s disturbing. All right, I’m gonna click on
“Reborn Doll Gallery.” Look at these sad or sleeping babies. There’s a monkey. Click on that one. That looks like an orangutan. (cutesy voice) Look at the cute orangutan. – (normal voice) Is it “orangutang”?
– “Orangutan.” – That’s not creepy.
– That’s cool, yeah. Yeah, ’cause it’s an orangutan. – But the majority of ’em–
– Now this, on the other hand… Look at that. It’s like a sleeping baby. And you can move
the arms around and stuff? – I don’t know.
– Who is into this? You know how women are sometimes,
“I wish I had another baby.” “But I don’t want to have to feed it.” “Yes, so I’ll just have a fake baby doll that looks so creepily real.” And we can contact the artist. – Yeah, and tell her to stop.
– (laughs) She’s from Scotland.
And she works very hard. And she charges thousands
of dollars for this stuff. Here she is. Look how happy
she is with these fake babies. Reborn Baby. Needs to work
on the title a little bit. Like, “creepy” should be in the title. – Creepy Baby.
– I got another one. Just to wash that experience off of you… – Hmm, please.
– The next place I’m gonna take you is – Promising a lot.
– This juxtaposes YouTube videos of people hugging
the camera with dramatic music. That girl just hugged me. Or you. You can upload your video to this site. Huh, this might make me cry, Link. So if you need a little
extra affection in your life– I’m not kidding. I can make
myself cry watching this. Just give me an opportunity. ♪ (My Brightest Diamond,
“I Have Never Loved Someone”) ♪ Seems like mainly girls
participate in this. You see how close I got?
You’re not into this? I’m gonna spend a lot more time
here than Procatinator. You have to have certain needs
in order to go to this site. But you can be on the other side.
You might need to give a hug. So if I click on “give a hug,” then it tells you three simple steps. You upload your YouTube video
or send them a link, and, uh… hmm. Do you recommend it? That is the nicest place
on the I’ve ever been to. What if your wife walked
in on you on this site? How would she feel? I’d be like, “Just all look, no touch.” (crew laughs) Okay. I’m gonna take you somewhere else. I’m pretty into this one. I think there’s lots of opportunity here. This is Just what it sounds like,
you answer four questions. You want a streak scale
of choco squirts or more. Let me make some decisions here. – Give me an odor impact.
– I want to kill the plants. Kill the plants? Sound control. “Wake up Grandma,” “broken windows.” – “Cops show up.” No doubt.
– “Impact on others”– “plug your nose,”
“open the door,” or “drop dead.” – No, let’s drop dead.
– All the way, huh? All right, click here.
It’s gonna make the fart. (fart) Now, if I hit this black button,
it’s gonna fart again. – (fart)
– I’m not calling the cops over that. I might be checking my drawers, but I’m not gonna be calling the cops. All right, and then you can
send this fart to a friend. That’s creative. So you and I are going
to have lots of back and forths. I’ma change the streak scale to… “Monster truck racing wipes.” – “Stripes.”
– “Stripes.” (laughter) On the hood of the car?
I don’t understand. All right, I’ma click on “Soft n Chunky.” Odor impact– evacuate the building. Sound control– wake up Grandma. Impact on others– plug your nose. (fart) Why is that guy who farts
in a bicycle helmet? (crew laughs) I don’t know. Might bump
his head or something? It all makes sense when you look
down at the bottom and it says, “ is part of
the network.” Yeah. I understand. But, hey, if you have time
on your hands, you can go there. – My kids would enjoy that.
– Or This is just what it sounds like.
It’s a website that’s purple. I really don’t have anything else
to say about that. Hold on. That’s all that happens? That’s all I can find. Well, click on one of the words
over there. “Faq.” “Frequently Asked Questions.” Oh. “You can chase the purple squirrel. He is animated against a purple
background. Click on him to win. The game restarts
immediately after each win, – only the squirrel knows.” Okay.
– That sounds fun. Click “purple squirrel.” And then… There he is. There he is. There he is.
There he is. There he is. Click on him. Click on him. Click on him. Click on him. Click on him.
Chick on him. He might have won.
I don’t know. Only he knows. Yeah, this is an unsatisfying… – That wasn’t fun to you?
– …experience. But this is omg…la– when they run
all the words together, I have a hard time reading it. – Check this out.
– (pew!) – Look at that. It is a squirrel.
– Oh, are you controlling him? I’m controlling the squirrel’s location. – And then if I hit the mouse clicker…
– (pew!) …he fires a laser, and it goes “pew.” – Can I do it?
– (pew!) I’m not a gamer,
so I’m a little intimidated. – (pew! pew! pew!)
– And if you do it fast, it looks like the laser’s
going in reverse, like he’s sucking the laser
into his laser gun. – (rapid “pew”s)
– Pew-pew-pew! – Can we do it at the same time?
– Yeah. (rapid clicking and “pew”-ing) Now, if you click on this at the bottom, this is just an ad for a–
it’s not golf. What’s it called? – Golf? (chuckles)
– Golf. – You mean goth?
– Steampunk. This is a steampunk goggle website. So I think this is just a cruel way
to market steampunk goggles. So those are the weirdest
parts of the internet that I have visited and wanted
to share with you so far. – I’m sure there are lots more.
– Thanks for that, Link. Yeah, and thanks for
liking and commenting. Let us know through your comments the weirdest places on the internet
that you have visited that I should visit that
I should tell other people to visit – if maybe if we should do this again.
– And remember, you can support the show by checking out, home to thousands
of online video tutorials. You want to know how
to build a website like that? They’ve got the way to do it, or at least a video
to teach you how to do it. free trial. You know what time it is. – I’m Kaylee.
– And I’m Abby. (both) From Cleveland, Ohio. It’s time to spin
The Wheel of Mythicality. We’ve got shirts for sale.
They’re short sleeve. The Good Mythical Morning shirt
and the Rhett and Link shirt. – Take your pick or get both.
– (Link) Click through to Good Mythical More, where we share about our recent
adventures to the Niagara Falls. Oh yeah. “Rhett is losing his first tooth.” Uh, could you… you see that? – You see that?
– Yeah. A tooth. Well, you see, it’s a little– – Oh, it’s wiggly.
– Yeah. I’m about to become a man. That’s not how you become a man. It isn’t? – No, but I will pull your tooth.
– (agonizing scream) [Captioned by Sebastian:
GMM Captioning Team]

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100 thoughts on “Weirdest Websites On The Internet Pt. 2

  1. Wow they don't know what a fisher is.. I'm 12 and I know that a fisher is a bird that's blue. The most common in Canada is the kingfisher .mthey eat fish and live from 1-15 years

  2. Some celebs, not naming any names Louis Tomlinson, use reborn baby dolls in PR stunts when they're unable to get access to a real baby to use in the stunt.

  3. I had watched like a couple seconds then got interrupted so I came back and the part that it continued on sounded like this:

    Rhett: Pickle Morning
    Link: the internet!

  4. I literally just sprayed cereal and milk all over my iPad and table when "you said look it's a monkey!" Seriously so angry right now hahaha

  5. I got to the nicest place website and I started crying.. I've actually been there before. It's surprisingly helpful.

  6. this is the weirdest one i could find

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  8. That's not a helmet its his hair with a sweat band on because he needs to build all those farts up. I'd break a sweat too

  9. thenicestplaceontheinter . Net is easier to cry to, if you imagine that everybody on there has died and left the video behind. It's also a great way to get a laugh. Try it both ways, for what it's worth.

  10. I personally don't see reborn baby dolls being any weirder or creepier than vax figures, or really convincing CGI people in movies.They're artworks all the same, aiming at realistic appearance. Reborn baby dolls can also be useful instead of just being a work of art; as practising tools for expecting parents and siblings (as those dolls are very fragile and the weight is realistically added and distributed in different parts of the body), and as therapy dolls for parents who have lost a baby or for (elderly) people who get comfort from caring for a baby but no longer have the mental capacity to safely care for a real baby. So I think it's fantastic that such doll artists exist.

  11. The Reborn Babies are generally used as a grieving/coping mechanism for people who have lost their babies or had miscarriages and still have that strong motherly instinct and feel the need to nurture something — the reborns can even be custom made to look exactly like your baby. They are also very therapeutic for those who cannot have children but want to, or for those who are not yet ready/able to have a child yet but still want to nurture one.
    There are tons of other applications I haven’t mentioned, and some are entirely doing it for fun — like doll collecting but for über realistic babies. I get that it can be creepy to people who don’t understand it, but I think it’s a beautiful thing that we have such realistic alternatives for those who need or simply desire them.

    Anywho, I’m not sure if that all made sense but that’s just my input in case anyone was curious or interested lol

  12. I am shocked that the reborn babies made it past everyone who helps with production on this show and no one thought through it and what their purpose actually is.

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