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Hello my name is Nesha and I am a
business mentor for freelance web and graphic designers. Now, on this channel
you can find mini business classes, interviews, step-by-step tutorials and so much
more. And the best part is there is new content on this channel once a week,
every week, on a Tuesday. If you want to learn how to organize your business, find
more clients and get booked out then you’re in the right place so be sure to
subscribe so that you never miss a video and comment below introducing yourself!

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2 thoughts on “Welcome! | Business Tips For Freelance Web & Graphic Designers

  1. Nesha is amazing I love her trainings, they are clear and concise. I also love the information she provides with guest speakers. I really would turn on my notification box so you don't miss anything she provides.

  2. So excited to see what you have for us in the new year Nesha! I’m ready to learn from someone who has been there done that and knows exactly what I’m going through. Thank you for the content

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