Welcome to the Joy of Business Website

Hi, My name is Simone Milasas. Welcome to
the Joy of Business and I invite you to explore the website, poke around, have a look. There
is lots to see, lots to do, hopefully lots for you to interact with as well. My greatest
desire is for you to actually poke around and find something that can assist you and
your business and change the way you have been looking at it so far. What if everything
was possible? One of the things I like you to have a look
at too is what is your target with business. What is your target? Why did you create your
business? Why are you doing it? Like… what if your business could contribute to changing
the way everybody looked at the world? It is like… if you look around today, look
outside and it is like… is this actually what you wish to create or would you and your
business like to contribute to something different? It doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have
to be significant. It can be fun. It is like… you can actually make a change in the world
and I’d like to help you with that, if you let me.

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