[MUSIC]. I remember when I was a freshman coming to Stanford. I, was pretty jittery. I was really nervous. And I was just thinking, wow, I do not
know anybody out here. And that can be pretty intimidating.>>Stanford was just like the great
unknown. No one in my family had gone to college
so there was no preparing for a college speech, what it meant to live in a
room with a stranger you don’t know. I was scared about whether or not I’d fit in, or whether my personality, my
temperaments or the things I like to do would be the Stanford norm or would have a place at
Stanford.>>I think the new student orientation is about beginnings,
discovering self, discovering others, discovering who you want to be in
this next phase of your life.>>New student orientation begins the year
here at Stanford. And so it’s when all of the new students
move in on the same day, and they go through a series of activities
together that bond them as a class.>>NSO’s important because I met my upperclassmen mentors who really shaped my
Stanford trajectory. And they really made sure I felt at home
and comfortable my first week at Stanford.>>When you come into Stanford you meet a
lot of people. So you might meet someone your first day
and they might be become your best friend for all
four years.>>When, a great part about new student orientation, everyone arriving as
everyone’s getting settled in their dorms, there’s this real
sense of dorm life and dorm pride.>>At our foundation we are about
relationship, faculty member to student in a research project or even
relationship in the collective. In a whole dorm community, in an athletic
team all of that to say we’re not about competing at the expense of one
another but instead raising each other up.>>This was a place that I found I could
really count on everyone else around me to like,
have my back. And so when you start talking to other
people you really realize, oh man, like, everyone else is
feeling just the same as I and you just kind of move past the
initial nervousness and you really build a community and a
home off of that.>>Welcome, students, we are so glad
you’re here.>>You are joining a family. When we say family, we mean a family.>>I want to encourage you to embrace this place and embrace it’s perfection and
imperfection. To think about where you want to leave your fingerprints and what kind of
legacies you want to leave but also get your sense that
this is your big, beautiful place. This is your home. [MUSIC]

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100 thoughts on “#WelcomeToStanford

  1. Hopefully I'll get jn to the LEAD program and be abe to spend 3 weeks of my summer here next year! Hopefully someday ill be spending more than just 3 week here 🙂

  2. For those of you that are questioning whether applying because of the low acceptance rate, DO NOT LET THAT STOP YOU! Do what you love, do it well, and you will have a great chance of getting in. In other words, you will always miss 100% of the chances you don't take. 

  3. Seven year from now i'm going to be 18 and it's going to be time to go to collage from now i don't know how i'm going to be doing, but what i do know is i'm going to Stanford University the school is amazing and learning is an art, know matter what you know or what you've got down pack there's always something that you can improve on, so i'm graduating and getting a doctorates degree and majoring in archaeology and paleontology. So what can you learn and what can you improve.


  4. Even since I was little,i always wanted to go to go to Stanford University because it has some unique featured and is different than other universities or colleges. I'm only 11 but I have a chance to go to this extraordinary university and see what happens. In the future. Plus I also have good grade and energetic and love to go to school:) Stanford, hopefully u pick me to be at your school and I will show you the power of me.

  5. okay ,i am s o dedicated to nature and want to spent my whole life working for it.i am in high school now ,i asked my inner self .whats the institution that will help me to come to my best of my potential and just next morning i got the answer STANFORD
    stanford darling wait for two yrs more i am coming for you

  6. My big dream is just there, in this video. I have 5 years to think about it, I'll try to do everything. I have to build this building and Stanford is at the top of it. (Sorry for my poor English, I'm Italian and I'm still at the beginning)

  7. Stanford University is excellent.I visited this university in summer 1970.Stanford University is excellent in research and teaching.The campus is beautiful.
    Sadrollah Alborzi
    Think differently.Make a difference.

  8. I'm a Mexican immigrant that now lives in the U.S. Although I'm currently only 16 I'm trying to beat the my older brother's success in being a barber and studying to be a construction manager . I want to be a software engineer or study Architecture but I have no Idea where to start. This is my dream school but I'm not sure how to get a chance in. I'm not particularly talented in language arts or science, but I'm amazing at mathematics. Is there any advice for a fellow motivated student?

  9. I really want to get in there and I'm not scared of the low acceptance rate (I'm kinda intimidated but it makes me want to prove myself more), the only bad thing is the price, I don't have that much money and I'm not sure if I'm "special" enough so the university gives me a scholarship (also it's more difficult to get one because I would be applying as an international student) :'v

  10. Ok so I'm a freshman in high school but I wanna see if anyone thinks my situation could stand a chance.
    Currently doing one AP course and three honors courses, extra curriculars are hockey and I'm going to apply for student body, GPA of 4.06 (It's only week 4, thus that may go up or down) and then for personality stuff: piano, waterskiing, golf, wakesurfing, and karting (karting in a league). I know that Stanford looks out for very motivated/creative students, and I would say that I'm extremely motivated and pretty creative writing-wise. If someone could give me some perception on my situation and what I should shoot for by senior year that'd be awesome. Lastly, i have to do Latin at my school all four years. I know they want a foreign language, but Latin, while useful in words fundamentals, is useless conversation/communication-wise.

  11. I really want to go to Stanford it's my dream school
    Five more months of waiting until I find out if I got accepted or not

  12. it’s so hard to get in and I probably won’t, but I’ll try. this is my dream school. I visited it a week ago and it’s so beautiful. we’ll see what happens in 2022.

  13. I’m in my first year of middle school and I already have the desire to come to this very enriching and amazing school.

  14. Everyone:
    1. Stanford U is #1 in USA 🇺🇸 AMERICA ACADEMIC TEXTBOOK EXCELLENT STANFORD U ENROLLED STUDENTS & FACULTY: Engineering + Business MBA + Science + Law JD + Medical MD + Hospital + Sports Athletic Program

    2. NOT THE 126 year old Building

    3. NOT the Restaurants

    4. NOT the Shopping Mall

  15. This is my dream school. And I am an android developer. This is my dream college. I am from India. I have financial problem but I still want to go there. Wish me best of luck !

  16. Here in Brazil, we have awful educational system.

    My congratulations to the American people.

    You have the best universities in the world.

    And Stanford University is among the best universities in the world.

  17. Here in Brazil, I know that Stanford University makes more science than, all of Latin American countries combined.

  18. I'm 21 years old and have finished college with a Bachelor's Degree in Business.

    I would like the attend Stanford's Graduate School of Business one day.
    I have been to the campus 3 times now and I just love it. I hope one day it becomes real.

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