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Hello. Now the question for today is, do you need
a website for your wellness business? Because this can be a big issue for a lot
of therapists, because we may be really good therapists but a lot of us aren’t techie,
so the thought of running a website can be quite scary. Hi, I’m Tim Cooper and I’m a business coach
and author of the upcoming book – Wellness Business Breakthrough which is going to be
your guide to hassle free re-bookings and endless referrals while only attracting your
perfect clients, and of course I’ll tell you how to get onto the early readers list for
that book shortly. But let’s come back to that question, do you
really, really need a website for your business? And the answer is basically no. Now this sort of goes against a lot of what
other people are saying, but you don’t necessarily need a website, you do need web presence. You do need a web presence but not necessarily
a website. In fact I built quite a large business without
having a dedicated website for my business for a long time, and the only reason why I
then went on and set up a website was because I was testing things and trying things out. Because the question is, if you have a website
what are you going to put on it? And if you don’t build your website really
well and if it doesn’t come across professionally it can actually do your business more harm
than good. So where do you start? Well, look, the first thing that you must
have is a Facebook business page, that goes without saying. Get yourself on Facebook and set a really
nice page, get some nice pictures of your clinic up and get some high quality professional
pictures of yourself up and then start to post some interesting information. The next thing to do is to get yourself listed
with Google Business, I do have a full training on Local SEO for Wellness Practitioners, and
this is a big thing, I get a lot of business through my Google listing, I’m listed high
in the search results so when people put in Remedial Massage Burleigh Heads I often come
up either #1, #2 or #3 in the results, but I’m in the top map listing for my area so
I do actually get business from that and that’s free, that doesn’t cost me anything. And all it took was a little bit of time to
set it up. Now if you know more about that I have got
a course and I’ll put a link to that course below. But you want to set up your Google Business
(or Google Places, whatever they call it these days, they always change) and you also want
to list with a number of high quality business directories, specifically you can list with
Yellow Pages, Yelp, and then business directories that are either specific to your modality
or specific to your area. For example, in Australia we’ve got Natural
Therapy Pages, it’s always good to list with them, TrueLocal is another one. The business directories and their rankings
vary from country to country, but you want to get listed on those business directories
and you want to pick the high quality ones. It’s also important that you use the same
business name, address and phone number on all those listings, keep that consistent throughout. Because when somebody refers you, or when
somebody refers someone to you chances are that that person is going to jump on the internet
and search for you. So you do need to have a web presence, because
if they plug your name into the computer and you don’t come up anywhere they’re going to
think that’s a bit weird in this day and age. Now if you do want a website there is definitely
a right way and a wrong way to set up a website, and probably in all honesty the wrong way
to put up a website is to use one of these templates that you can get from your local
association, these plug and play things. They don’t look professional. They look like they’re plug and play and they
don’t really provide the client with the information that they need. Now throughout my training in the book that
I’m writing, the Wellness Business Breakthrough, and in my training course that the book is
based on, the training course is called Wellness Business Blueprint, I talk about your marketing
message and why you should be talking to the pain and frustration of your client. So on a lot of the websites, as it is with
a lot of the marketing that other wellness practitioners do, they are talking mainly
about what they do. I’m a massage therapist, I do myofascial release,
I do dry needling, I do this, I do that, do this, and while it’s okay to list that information
somewhere on your site, the main pages of your site should be talking to the client,
so instead of saying, me me me and I, I, I, you should be saying you and your. Okay? This is a very important thing, that whenever
you’re writing any marketing or setting up your website, count all the me’s and I’s and
count all the you and your’s and make sure that you and your outweigh and outnumber the
me and I. Because you want to be talking to your client. If you look at my website at timcoopermassage.com
it is – We understand YOUR pain, We’re in the business of getting YOU back to doing
the things YOU love. So you’re going to talk about the benefits
and take aways of your treatments, not the specifics and not the mechanics of your treatments. People don’t understand, and people don’t
care. If I’m in pain, I do suffer from sciatica
so I know what pain is all about… If I’m in pain and I want it fixed I don’t
care how you’re going to fix it. If you say, I can help you, I’ll say great,
fantastic, let’s get on with it. I don’t want to know about mobilisation, and
myofascial release,dry needling, trigger points and anchor and stretch, I really don’t care. If I’m a person off the street, those terms
mean absolutely nothing to me, okay? So when you’re getting information onto your
website talk about the benefits, talk about how your treatments are ideal for people who
suffer with these particular issues and how you can help them, not the actual specifics
of how you actually perform the treatments. So, do you need a website? No, you don’t need a website but you definitely
need a web presence. Now in future Facebook Lives I will be talking
about the importance of getting on these business directories and the importance of testimonials
and reviews. Because that’s another big thing, that’s another
big driver of business. And how to get them because there’s right
way and wrong to get your testimonials and reviews as well. Okay, that’s it for today. Now if you want to get on the early readers
list for the Wellness Business Breakthrough go to WellnessBusinessBreakthrough.com and
also on that page you’ll find a link to register for free training, that’s right, every week
at 3pm Pacific Standard Time on a Tuesday, that’s 9am Wednesday morning here in Australia
(on the East coast in Queensland) I do a live training and this is free, there’s no pitch,
I’m trying to sell you anything at the end, this is purely to get on, answer your questions,
coach you and help you, that’s all it is for. Now I charge hundreds of dollars for my services
and I’m giving them to you for free. You may ask why… Well one reason is that it helps with my book,
to make sure that I’m actually addressing your problems, that I’m actually answering
your questions as part of the book. Because I want my book to hit the mark properly,
so that’s one reason, and the other reason is, I just want to see you succeed! It’s as simple as that. I want 2017 to be your year, to be your launching
pad, I just want to see your business flourish and succeed. That’s my wish for you. So go to WellnessBusinessBreakthrough.com
register for the early readers list and also register for the free live coaching calls. Come along, attend live. Get your questions answered. I’m here to help. Okay, until next time you keep shining.

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