What Are Google My Business Short Links

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Minute from Forward Push and I’ve got some Google
My Business news for you. Head on over to your
Google My Business profile, which you can access
at business.google.com. Go ahead and look at the info tab and you should or maybe
not see but maybe you do a new feature that allows
you to have a shortened URL for you Google My Business page. Google’s going all in
on Google My Business and they need us business
owners to use it, and in order to use it
we have to promote it. So if you have this new feature, you go to your info tab, you’ll see you’re able to
create a new short user name, and you want to go ahead
and pick a name that is great for your business. Whether that’s your business
name, or maybe the city and your occupation or
your profession that’s what you’re looking to do. Make sure it’s something you like. You can only change it three times a year, and when you do that instead
of telling people to go to your Google My Business page, You’ll actually tell them to go to G.page/ and whatever name you give your page. So Google My Business is rolling this out across the country. It looks like it’s gonna
be a slow roll out, but if you have it, I
encourage you to use it.

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