What Can You Do with a Marketing Degree? 7 Career Paths to Pursue [2018]

A great benefit of a growing field is the
number of jobs that are opening up. But along with projected job growth, another enticing benefit is the variety of jobs available to those with the right education. Have a creative side? You could make your abilities shine by writing copy for a brand. More of a numbers person? You can leverage statistics and data to help inform effective campaign strategies. Enjoy working with others? Whether it’s being a part of a marketing
team or through client interaction, establishing a good rapport with others is a valuable trait. Some careers and industries remain the same over time — but marketing is constantly in flux. If you’d enjoy working in an ever-evolving
field, this may be the one for you. So whether you have a vague idea or a clear, suit-and-tie picture in your head, you may be wondering: “What Can You Do with a Degree in Marketing?” More than you might think … let’s take a
look. Marketing managers estimate the demand for products and services that an organization and its competitors offer, identifying potential markets for the organization’s products
and developing strategies to maximize profits. Sales representatives contact new and existing customers, explain product features and answer any questions customers may have. Some sell directly to consumers, while others sell to businesses. Marketing research analysts examine conditions on a local, regional or national scale and gather information to determine potential sales of a product or service. Sales managers direct an organization’s sales teams — setting goals, analyzing data and
developing training programs for sales representatives. Public relations specialists create and maintain
a favorable public image for an individual or organization through crafting media releases and developing social media strategies. Advertising and promotions managers plan, direct and coordinate advertising policies and programs or produce materials such as posters, coupons or giveaways to create interest in a product or service. Management analysts propose ways to improve an organization’s efficiency by advising managers on how to make organizations more profitable through reduced costs and increased revenues. This is just a snapshot of all the different roles within this dynamic industry. We hope this video gave
you a better idea of the range of options available to you with a Marketing degree. Head over to rasmussen.edu for more information, and thanks for watching!

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