What is a Hybrid App? And why should my business care?

As an app maker, it’s always important to
understand which technologies can make your team more efficient – and your customers happier. Recently, we have seen some indications that
hybrid is gaining popularity as the preferred method to create mobile applications – particularly
in the enterprise and retail markets. Hybrid apps combine the best of both worlds,
mixing the performance and device capabilities of native development with the flexibility
of the web. Here’s how it works… you start by creating
a native iOS or Android app. Within that app, you embed a webview – which allows you to
display a web page within that native application. Web content can be created from well-known
technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript, which are much more widely-known than most
native development languages. This allows you to not only utilize your existing web
technology, but also leverage a larger set of developers to build it. By displaying certain content and app features
within a webview, it allows you to easily update the code across multiple platforms
quickly and easily, without having to resubmit your app to the app store. Here’s a scenario in which a retail store
has new products to add, but the update requires a redesign to the user interface to accommodate
them. In traditional development, you would need
to update the website, iOS and Android apps separately to update the content. This not
only takes time to develop and test, but also requires users to update their apps – which
is always a slow process. With a hybrid app, it’s possible to simply
update your website in a way that changes are reflected within the iOS and Android app
immediately – allowing you to skip the lengthy rollout process. As webview performance continues to improve,
more and more apps will make the hybrid transition – bringing great user experience across multiple
platforms quicker and easier than ever before. In our next video, we’ll dive deeper into
hybrid development and how it affects your business – but in the meantime, check out
some more info on developing hybrid apps at our blog!

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