What Is A Sales Funnel 🤔 [Is The Website Dead?]

what is a sales funnel and is the
traditional website dead? Watch this video to find out. Hey what’s up my name
is Amanda and I’m an online marketer …and I’m here to tell you that the
traditional website truly is dead. Now, let me start off by telling you what a
sales funnel is and why you need one. In a nutshell, a sales funnel is
basically a way to funnel a whole bunch of people into buying services from your
business (or products) and the reason why you want to funnel them in… is because
nowadays, (I’m sure you’ve read the statistics) people have barely any
attention. So we need to really get them focused on what the task at hand is and
that’s how we really get them to buy. Otherwise, your traditional website
is basically just sitting there kind of like a brochure and a brochure doesn’t
really do anything for you. People look at it and go “well maybe I learned some
things but whatever”… it’s not like a sales funnel which is more like a sales
person. It leads the customer step-by-step, through the benefits,
overcoming the objections, and making the sale, as well as upselling them. Here’s a
very simple diagram on why this works. On one end you have the value, on the
other end you have the price and so basically the more value you provide, the
higher you can charge for the price. The idea is to get people to walk up the
value ladder. So in the long run, you make more money. As well, you can put
them on to a continuity program. Why exactly is this so important for your
business especially in the online world? I’ll tell you why… “whoever can spend the
most money to acquire a customer wins”. What exactly does that mean? Well, we can take McDonald’s as an example. They market you the cheese
burger, which basically they don’t make any money off of, after all the
advertisements (and getting you in the door and all that). Where they make their
money, is the upsell. “Would you like to make that a meal?” or “Would you like to
supersize that?”… that’s where they make their money. The burger is the upfront
thing that people really want, and so the same ideas and concepts apply to you in
your business. Especially if you’re in a highly competitive niche. If you already
have a website with a landing page and you want a critique, put
the link to your website down in the comments below and I will give you my
thoughts on that. As well, our community can give you their thoughts too. So let me show you a quick example within the acupuncture industry. It’s highly
competitive with tons of acupuncturists out there. How do people know if they should
go to you? How do you even compete with everyone else who can spend more money? I took two different landing pages from people running ads for their
acupuncture business or organization. The first one is this one. Where it looks
like it’s a …some sort of event they’re trying to get people to
go to. Which is totally fine, it doesn’t really matter exactly what the product
is… but you’ll see here, that this is a typical website. This is not a true sales
funnel or true landing page. A true landing page has no other navigation and
the reason why, is because you want that focus. So you see up here, this is
distracting when the person lands here. Yes, maybe they might say “wow this is so
beautiful I’m gonna register here”… but you see first of all, “register now” is not
prominent. It’s not a major call-to-action. You’re mostly focused on
the video on the background and the navigation at the top. Now, even if we
scroll down, we kind of start to lose a little bit. This is a bit
too distracting, in my opinion. Further down.. up here it’s okay, but now you’re
coming down here… now it’s becoming a bit distracting. You can’t really read the text and even when you first land on it. Most people are really lame
and they don’t really want to read too much stuff. So you know, when I first
landed here I was like “um … what are you guys doing?”. I didn’t even
read this, I don’t even care. Location… I don’t even know where that is
because the picture in the background is too distracting.
Oh tickets! Okay, okay, this is some sort of event. So now the bottom finally,
I’m seeing where, what this is, but you see now here is where things could get
interesting. You could have a just one ticket with
“register now”. One ticket. And then, upsell the premium one on the next page. So now let me show you another example …okay so a little bit of a different organization as
these guys are teaching the acupuncture… but you’ll see here, it’s just a really
basic page. The only thing to do is to scroll down and when you click on the
button “take me to the next step”, it takes you here. Even if I decide to
scroll down further and read more, if I click “learn more”, it takes me
again back to this form. So what they really want you to do is to fill in the
form. So why don’t I do that now. You see their main call to action was to just
get you to give them their contact information. Why is this so important?
Because the fortune is in the follow-up. In the online world, most people online will not buy from you on the first, second, third, even
fourth time. It shows statistically, that most purchases are
done on the seventh, or even tenth or more exposure to your offer. So that’s
why capturing that lead is so important. And then following up with them to
really make those sales. Yes of course, you’re gonna have those people who are
hyper active buyers and they just buy straightaway, but if you really want to
be that person who wins, you need to be able to spend the most money which means
you need to be able to take every single lead or every opportunity that you have
and follow up with them. Create an upsell, and basically just make
more money. That is how you will win. And that is achieved with a sales funnel. So
if you click on the link down below and join my free Facebook group, I’m gonna
give you access to a ton of tools and resources that you can use to get
started making your sales funnel. A lot of them are free some of them are paid,
but even just by joining the group, you’ll have a ton of support from other
online marketers in all sorts of industries. And as well, from me. So go
ahead, click that link in the description below and if you like this video don’t
forget to hit SUBSCRIBE! Thanks so much for watching, and I’ll see you on the
next video!

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  1. Let us know your landing page – get free exposure, plus critique to improve your conversions and sales! 😎👇

  2. I like the idea of adding more value instead of reducing the price to get customers…great examples of distracting landing pages and emphasizing the follow up

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