What is a Website?

People visit many different websites
every single day, but not everyone knows what they
really are. So let’s talk about that. To understand what the websites are, you need first understand what a web page is. In short
web page is a text file with bunch of code in it it’s nothing special, really. Web pages
are written with following three languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. To
make their functions more understandable I’ll use an analogy with the a… erm… T-rex, yeah that will do. HTML is used
to describe the structure of the web page, to create the skeleton
for our your T-rex what parts should the page be made of and in
which order should be placed, this is all described with HTML. CSS is used for design purposes, make our T-rex look more realistic.
Positioning, spaces between components, fonts and colors of the webpage is described with CSS. And finally JavaScript. It is used to make that boring static
web page more dynamic, to add extra functionality to it. Search box’s
auto complete function, or profile preview function, are made
possible with JavaScript. The above was about the structure of a web page. And a website is basically a folder with a bunch of web pages and media files in it, like music, pictures, cat videos. Yep, it is that simple, a bunch of files in a folder, nothing more. “But wait a second”, you might say, “I do not see any code, when I visit my Facebook page for example. I see a logo, a menu bar, relationship posts and statuses I do not care about”. Well, that’s all thanks to your browser.
Browser is a program that takes all that code, analyzes it, and draws a web page onto your screen. By the way if you are interested what a code of a web page looks like, here are key combinations to view the source code on different browsers. In the next video I am going to explain where are the websites stored and how does your computer access them.

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