What is BigCommerce? | Big Commerce eCommerce

BigCommerce web design allows you to create
beautiful, effective eCommerce stores using their out-of-the-box themes or advanced development
frameworks. Using BigCommerce as your eCommerce platform
has its advantages, including enterprise level analytics and a superior focus on conversions. It’s a secure solution loaded with optimised
checkout processes, responsive themes that focus on mobile conversions and advanced SEO
tools for every page, product and category. Although BigCommerce isn’t as customisable
as WordPress, it has one of the largest number of inbuilt functions. If you want to see more videos about eCommerce,
make sure to subscribe to our channel and if you want to start developing your eCommerce
website today, give us a call on 1300 56 56 10. That’s 1300 56 56 10. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in
the next video!

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