What is Dropbox Business?

Work shouldn’t take a lot of work to get to. After all there’s no PhD in
retrieving the latest file or feedback from someone on your team and I’m
mastering the art of permissions management this weekend said no one ever. That’s why we created Dropbox Business, your team’s home for everything they
need to collaborate and stay focused. Since they probably already use Dropbox
it’ll be familiar and easy. They might even thank you for it. Everyone can
access what they need in the team space where shared files don’t take up room on
hard drives until you download what you need using Smart Sync. Nice! With file
preview your team can preview nearly any type of shared file so everyone can make
comments or annotations right on the work.
Goodbye printing out, marking up, and losing changes. And it’s always easy to
manage your team’s data. You can control who can see or edit what and share
entire projects with anyone or unshare them with a click so all the work stays
safe and secure. Planners get to plan, doers get to do,
teams get to focus on what matters and the work just flows

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