What is Google my Business Page and Why Is So Important

Hey how’s it going? This is Daniel and I hope you’re listening to what I’m saying because I have something of extraordinary value coming your way. Now, if you’re in this group you probably are a business owner who wants to bring more customers through your door of course right? That’s what we all do, and actually that’s what what I do. I have a marketing agency me and my co-founder Christy Setticase we have a marketing agency and we help people bring customers to your door but I’m not here to talk about ourselves I’m not here to talk about our company I’m here to give you something of value and that is a little tutorial that I recorded a couple days a couple of weeks ago with my co-founder Christy and we show how important is for you as a business owner and to use the Google my business page which is something for free that Google gives you is a very nice tool that you should be using in order to bring more customers your way so then after I’ve say all that stuff finally here’s the video ok hope you enjoy it please put in the comments if you liked it and if you want more coming more content like this and of course I’ll bring it more your way so have a good one and I hope you enjoy yes this is Daniel Carbonel and I am your host for the Smart Local Connect podcast and I am here with my co-host Chrissy Setticase and co-founder at Smart Local Connect and today we’re going to be talking about why Google my business is so important to your local business now before Christy join us just a quick reminder that if you would love to finally have in place rock-solid marketing strategy for your business that provides you with an excellent and ongoing return on investment just go ahead and sign up for a free 30 minute discovery call to discuss with us how the smart local connect marketing program can be custom tailored to your specific needs and business so just take your time and go to smartlocalconnect.com/discovery to arrange of course your free no-obligation 30 minute discovery call again just go to the smartlocalconnect.com/discovery now Christy Setticase is again is our co-host and co-founder here Smart Local Connect Christy how are you doing today awesome awesome so let’s start with a what is the Google my business page alright so I think it’s important for us to define what is my Google my business page of course so I will like to say that first of all is a free business directory listing do you have anything to say about that the directory listing that everyone is familiar with are the Yellow Pages exactly exactly now was it free so Google has actually put together a tool that created a business tool to manage businesses online presence across Google including search and maps in your local community exactly I would say they also say instant connection with your potential customers you know so you can view your services at a glance of course and is how you get found by add more customers again is gonna be is this is a free tool that Google is giving you is given to all every business owner to be found you know and it’s amazing that actually we can take advantage of this option that Google is giving us and he’s giving Ewing I think it would be silly to not to not to use it right what else is the Google my business page how to find yourself so you can actually get a bird’s-eye view of it the cons okay so to find your business you’re gonna log onto the computer and into your name in the Google search information and so then your so your most your business will show up with possibly a map to the location of your business if pictures have been found by Google or they’ve been uploaded by you because you had to know about this you’ll see that and then if you’re lucky you’ll even have some reviews to the right side of the page you’re right exactly now again Google is the dominant force online of course four areas of search therefore is a mass to take advantage of this free resource right and is there definitely a no brainer now um some examples of the what is my Google business page once you googled you’re probably your business name you’re gonna find something like this you know we’re just a little description of your business probably the location of your business at the time of the times that your business is open the operator hours you know if you have any special hours as well and some other information so this is kind of like an example of what is a my business page right Google my business page now also you’re gonna find if that if many people right now are using cellphones right and of course in a lot of people most most of us especially here in the United States you all have a smartphone right and when you want to find a business or you’re looking for a service you’re gonna look into your phone google it and this is what you’re gonna show it’s gonna show a way for you to probably be found right so you have a button for to call you have some directions they can share your business and you can actually get to your website as well as I would like maybe the stars of the reviews so it’s important to have that now with my business page that also is gonna give you probably an option for questions you know for your customers to ask you questions so you can interact with them you can also find probably the reviews you know we’re gonna talk about that in a second here and now I think that the next one is the next question would be why is Google my business page so important to your business so why is Google my business page so important so if you have a presence you’re gonna have a really good chance of getting any new customers very nicely exactly now Google results can be such a dominant factor in a searchers decision that may not look any further than the organic search these are your potential customers is an instant connection with you where potential customers can view your services as a glance now in my case particularly of course you know if I somebody talked to me about a new service or a movie or anything I gonna look into my phone check it out and probably not go further than that you know just that that first search is gonna give me all I need pretty much to go and see if I want to look for that business or not know what else why is Google my business so important it’s your phone number it has your operating hours your business category your map to your physical location link to your website and your customer reviews exactly exactly now I heard that or actually look it up Ryan I found this guy a Matt Cutts which is a number 11 I think in Google he takes care of I think spamming or stuff and he says that an alarming 70% of businesses have inaccurate business listings which is just mind-blowing to me you know and like we’re talking about how important it is and how important is for you to have your Google my business page and she can be found in 70% of businesses have inaccurate business listing which means that you’re probably your business hours are wrong or probably your contact information you know your your address your physical address or or your phone number are wrong you’re really gonna be missing opportunities to be found and of course make this maybe the next say or acquire a new customer now Google determines where you show up in search results by gathering all the information pertaining to your business and running their algorithms so the accuracy and amounts of content is critical to your online presence now um I want to go to the process of claiming and verifying your Google listing because I think that wants you if you’re a business owner you gotta pass through this process you need to claim and verify your Google listing so the process is gonna be something like this basically a link or a button will show up that says verify your business click that link and at that time you’ll have the ability to correct or change most of your information it’s almost like you’re owning it now on Google and then in a week or so you’re gonna receive a postcard from Google it’s going to contain a PIN number on it so you log back into Google my business and enter that pin number in there and from that time on you now have the ability to enhance the story of your business you can upload photos you can add more business details and descriptions and like we know Google loves content so the more you enhance it the moyer listing comes up which puts you in front of more potential customers exactly that’s very well say now do you need to make sure that your posts are up-to-date well I think that’s definitely right I think we just we just mentioned that google loves content so it’s important for you to share content and maybe maybe share some blog posts as well and maybe some business news and of course special offers and now we also were mentioning about customer reviews and feedback we’re gonna go and to touch that a little bit more as well just now when what is the importance of customer reviews what’s the weight that customers can advert use carry when they’re reviewing you online it’s it’s paramount to the success of your business before it’s more word-of-mouth but now when you know so many people looking up organic searches on Google Google might or Google just to find businesses then your your views and how anyone sees you is right there in front of them and they base their decisions more so on that exactly I heard 61% of people look to customer reviews to determine if they want to go to a business in my case if I see let’s say if I want to buy a book or I want to buy something and when I go to a restaurant and if I look at the reviews and of course a review says three stars out of five probably is not gonna be the one that I choose right so we actually really trust on other people’s opinion to decide you know if something they we like to try or we like to buy would like to know being in relationship with so we’re I think the importance of customer reviews is definitely a paramount to your success now I’m we gonna talk for sure in another episode because it deserves an entire episode to talk about these and how you can actually implement some strategies to make better reviews for your business and sometimes you don’t even have a review you need to have a definitely strategy in place thirty thirty customers is the cost to a business and that’s that’s huge that means you know that means definitely the feedback is heavy you know if you review a couple of bad reviews that can really really put you down probably so it’s important to have a review strategy you can use under favor now final thoughts you know let’s talk about the final thoughts that we have about Google my business page what is the probably the first one the most important it would be avoid unnecessary mistakes exactly exactly and go and claim your business example and then rather than sending up a new account do your research claim your existing account because by having to yeah you’re actually going to be confusing exactly and it’s actually very difficult once let’s say if you have already a Google my business page and you’re not aware of it and you go and open a whole new and then you’re gonna have a duplicate duplicate and I found that actually two to go and communicate with Google and try to figure out and try to you know he raised one and it’s very very difficult and a lotta you’re gonna put a lot of time consuming and it’s gonna be very difficult so avoid those unnecessary mistakes and of course claim your existing account now this is a powerful tool that Google has made as an opportunity to gain customers and drive traffic to your business so not taking the time to make in your Google my business page complete up-to-date and accurate it’s a huge mistake so I know it’s a lot of people out there they probably don’t want to take the time because you know it’s time-consuming so make sure you um you find somebody who can do it for you or or you know try to find a person probably who can help you you know so you can make sure that all everything is well set up accurate and you know in a tidy money right all right I can see we’re out of time just a reminder that if you if what we’re talking about today make sense to you and you are not quite sure how to get started or you prefer just to have someone else taking care of this for you you are not alone alright so all you need to do is to go to smartlocalconnect.com/discovery to again arrange that free discovery call so you know that it’s going to be done right and quick and you can see those customer or those customers maybe a little faster and we’re very passionate about it we love to work with business owners and we’d love to take care of these kinds of projects for you again all you need to do is go to smartlocalconnect.com/discovery and we will be will be we will head back to you and have that discovery call where we get to know each other and see if we are a good fit Christy again thanks for joining us and to use the listener thank you for listening to another edition of the Smart Local Connect podcast have a good one guys take care okay bye-bye

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