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100 thoughts on “What is REST API? | Web Service

  1. i made a android apk for my website ,but the upload button is not working, i mean when i click on "choose file" it doesn't show me the gallery to choose a you know how to fix it ?.

  2. Correction: Bro, u should have written : (colon) instead of ; (semi colon) after country and city object in Json format. jus wanna give u heads up thats it.

  3. May I know what are the benifits would I get if I become your member also would like to know if you have any projects for java?

  4. 9:21 i did not understood the rest part on the screen after .com/add ……..=4 can you please explain that . like what its called and how it works and stuff like that .

  5. Thank you again for a great explanation on things. Really appreciate the time you put into educating others.

  6. do you have any idea about javacpp,if you known about javacpp just post some video like helloworld and just refer from github

  7. Hi Navin, have you done a video on a project using Apache CXF? I couldn't find any. I'm going to work on an office project which uses CXF. I'll appreciate your help. Thanks.

  8. dude i like you but i really get borred in this video ….it's too long to many explainations and over all you did not really explain what is rest api

  9. why is it that when I search for your channel, telusko, I get udemy's advertisement on top? just wondering cause I don't like getting what I did not ask for. And it happens EVERYTIME.

  10. Its not clear explanation , i try to understand simple way ,but it is not simple . Try to make other easily understand

  11. 4 mins into the video and we still didn't get to REST. Instead we learned how the weather service has sensors all around the world.
    I don't think you need to explain the internet to people who want to learn REST and I don't see any point in teaching REST to people who do not yet understand how the internet works.

  12. Thank you for this video, sir. Can you please explain how to create a Rest API between AngularJS(Front End) and Flask(Back End)?

  13. Hiii bro.. Could you please tell me.. What is middleware? What is the use of middleware?. How does it work?

  14. Videos are so helpful..Thank you for that..on a note, Can you please make a video on "How to communicate between two microservices using Rest Template, feign client API" as a Spring boot project.

  15. Thanks in a million. What an explanations! I am always coming back to watch this video over and over again. You got the best stuff on earth.

  16. Thank you so much for explaining in a very practical way rather than explaining only theoritical concepts. I love your way of teaching.

  17. Dear Naveen, I like your videos, kindly do not make small mistakes like spellings.
    Sparing must be spring.
    Don't mine, please.

  18. Hi brother, really it was helpful. Could you please explain the difference between Servlets and Restful web services or if already your vidoes, share the link

  19. Service API is different from App API….
    ReST API(Service API) is a set of specifications that provides solution for INTEROPERABILY among Apps…..only state(data) is not bound with webpsges(Heavy Weight)..
    …So very faster…

  20. I think you have to hide your interests while explaining a common topics. Also, cut short unwanted details. I think there is 11 minutes of video and in that only few seconds to say what is REST. In fact, I couldn’t understand what is REST API is in this video.

  21. Hello,could you explain about youtube data API and how to upload videos to youtube from excel file.excel consists paths of videos

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