What is SSL and Why Your Business Website Needs It

Have you ever seen this warning show up in
the address field of your browser window? Has it ever deterred you from continuing to
that website? Smart move! When visiting a website, you might notice
their URL begins with HTTP, while others start with HTTPS. This is a sign of a secure browser and something
you should look for whenever shopping online or browsing a site. Inputting personal information on an unsecured
website can put you at risk! So what do you do if your website is unsecured? How do you implement a system that protects
your consumers and proves you are trustworthy? With a Secure Sockets Layers – or an SSL
certificate. This indicates that your website offers an
encrypted link between the web server and the user’s browser. Basically, this means that the information
being collected on your website is protected, ensuring hackers and other criminals don’t
get their hands on your consumer’s sensitive data. Once upon a time, this was only necessary
if you collected data such as credit card information or social security numbers. But these days, browsers like Google Chrome
will send an alert to let users know they are about to enter an unsecured site that
will collect their information – even if it’s just an email address. An alert like this can easily turn visitors
away, hindering your chances at generating a lead or sale. Plus, having an SSL certificate plays a positive
role when it comes to ranking on Google and your website’s speed. If you aren’t already hosting a secure site,
there are ways for you to obtain a certificate -typically purchasing it directly from your
domain provider or web host such as SiteGround. If you want to learn more about SSL certificates
and how to improve your business site contact us or visit Cliccmedia.com today.

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