What is the best way to make a website? Beginners Guide

So, what’s the best way to make a website? If you want to make a website you probably want to know what the best way to do it is. In this video, I’ll to take a look at the
popular methods that people use to make websites with. I’m Tim from Real Website Hints and I’m
all about helping you find the best ways to build websites that are easy, but still powerful
and effective. I’m genuinely interested in helping you
get started, save your time and energy and money and find tools and methods that work and are easy. Building a website is an important step towards
talking yourself, your business or your organization to the next level. And My interest is helping people avoid frustration
and find high quality easy to use tools for building great websites. I’ve tried all of these different methods
that I cover in this video and I’ll share with you what I think of each of them and
then help you choose which is the right one for you to use to build your website with. The first method that I want to talk about
is website building software. These are programs that you install on your
computer and can help you build and code a website. Some examples are Adobe’s Dreamweaver, CoffeeCup
and Komodo IDE. The key here is that these tools are designed
to help you code your website. So to be successful at building a website
with website building software you need to be comfortable with code like HTML, CSS and
PHP. Since I focus on helping people find easy
ways to make website, I recommend skipping this method of website building. And fortunately there are plenty of companies
out there who have invented all sorts of tools that you can use to easily build a website
without knowing any code. So, the next method is using one of the All-in-one
website buildilding platforms. If you have been looking into building your
own website I’m sure that you have seen ads for some of these. These platforms are specifically designed
to make building websites easy. Examples of these tools are Wix, Squarespace,
Jimdo, Weebly and WordPress.com There are a lot of advantages to these method
of building a website. First off these services are designed to help
you get started quickly building a website. And they take care of everything for you. Everything that you need for your website
is providedby the all-in-one company. They provide your website hosting. And built into their system are website building
software that you use to design your web pages with. And any additional functionality that you
need for your website like blogging, selling online, or your websites’ security and any
other functionality that you want. Is provided by that company. The benefit here is simplicity, everything
that you need is provided by one company and you don’t need to know code to make your
own website. These companies can be a great way to easily
build a website. Especially if it is a smaller website or if
you already know that the company you choose offers all of the functionality that you need
for your website. The downside is that you are also completely
dependent on this one company for everything that you need for your website. If they don’t offer the functionality that
you need or if they choose to change the services that they offer, you don’t really have any
choice but to accept that, and in most cases you can’t move your website to another service
without completely rebuilding it. So if you are looking for simplicity and you
find an all-in-one company that offers all the functionality that you need this can
be great choice. The final method and the most popular method
of building a website is to do it with an open source CMS or content management system. Examples of open source CMS are Drupal, Joomla
and the most famous of all of them WordPress. And just to note here there are two different
versions of WordPress. There is the WordPress.com version which I
mentioned with the all-in-one website companies. WordPress.com is a closed all in one system. It is based off of the opensource wordpress
platform but you are limited to the tools and services that offered by the wordpress.com
service. The open source version of WordPress you can
learn about at wordpress.org. And this version of WordPress has many more
options for adding functionality to your website. And choosing the tools you will use to design
your pages with. Ok so now let’s go back and continue talking about open source software. So Open source software is generally free for
anyone to use. You can even modify it and expand it
to serve your needs. And that’s what makes open source content management
systems so great. Is Anyone can add additional functionality and
there are lots of companies and individuals who have created great tools for open source
website platforms. There are both free tools available and premium
tools for adding functionality to your website. I’ve tried all of these big open source
content management systems and WordPress is by far the most widely used and the easiest
to get started with. Drupal and Joomla are also great systems but
they tend to be used more by people familiar with code, so there aren’t as many easy
to use plug and play solutions available for Drupal or Joomla. The benefits of getting started with an open
source CMS is that it offers you a lot more freedom. You aren’t dependent on one company for
all of the services and functionality for your website. You also have your very own copy of the website
core software. So is somehow something were to happen to
the organization behind the open source software, which is pretty unlikely, but if it did happen
your website would still continue to work, even with out that core organization because have your own copy of the software
installed on your hosting or server. The downsides to using an open source CMS
is that it is more complicated then an all-in-one website builder to get started with. With an open source CMS you need to find a
hosting company to host your website, you need to find a theme to give your website
a look and to help you build your pages and you need to find and install the plugins that you need to add the functionality
that you want for your website. What is my recommendation for the best way
to build a website? Personally I’m a big fan of using WordPress. The open source variety. The options and flexibility of the platform
are really great. I feel that for many people this flexibility outweighs
the additional complexity. So It is really important that if you want to
have a good and easy experience with WordPress that you use the right hosting and most importantly the right
theme to build your website with. Choosing the right easy to use tools really are the difference between building a website with WordPress easily and enjoying it or
getting very frustrated and confused. If you are interested in getting started with
WordPress check out my guide where I’ll walk you thru the steps to getting started
with WordPress and introduce you to a few different easy to use hosting companies and
themes that really make WordPress almost as easy to use as an all-in-one website builder. I’ll link to that guide and other WordPress
tutorials that I have created below this video. If you are looking for maximum simplicity
you defiantly want to go with an all-in-one website service. These are great for simple websites or if
the all-in-one service that you choose offers the exact website functionality that you need. In the description below this video I’ll
link to my reviews and tutorials on how to get started with some of the all-in-one-website
builders that are available. The most important step to building a website
is to get started. The sooner you get your website up and running
the sooner it can start working for you and helping you and your business or organization
get to the next level. Take the next step with one of my guides or
tutorials and let’s get your website up and running.

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