What is the Cheapest Auto Insurance for My Business?

A client asked me recently what’s the
cheapest auto insurance you can get me for my business? and I asked him what
insurance would you want if you were to be in an accident? If you work backwards
from that if you picture yourself in the accident
where you’re calling the claims people, are they giving you claims people
offshore or do they have a concierge service? When you’re negotiating what car you get back what the replacement cost is do you want to cut rate company for
that or do you want a company that’s gonna give you you know a good estimate
for your car so you can replace it? So, when people ask me what the cheapest one
is? I say look at the back end look at the total cost of ownership look at what
you can do in order to lower your cost, but at the same time have a good
coverage for your auto insurance policy. So, when I look into that for people, I
usually get them a couple quotes with a number of different companies whether it
be the Hartford, Travelers, Infiniti, Mercury, Progressive,
so we hit a lot of the big carriers, but only companies that if you had an
accident you’d want to be in a situation with
them instead of with you know some other company

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