What the New U.S. Tax Bill Means for Network Marketing

Hey everybody, Eric Worre here. Welcome to networkmarketingpro.com. The U.S. government just passed a new tax bill. A
new income tax bill for American citizens, and I want to talk to you about
what it means for people in network marketing specifically. Now before I go
any farther and tell you what it means and it is significant, I do want to just
say, I understand that people watching and involved in network marketing have
different political views; both sides of the aisle. And whether you agree or
disagree with this administration, whether you agree or disagree with the
tax bill itself, what entrepreneurs do; people in network marketing being super entrepreneurs what we do is we respond to the cards that
are dealt to us. We respond to the circumstance, and we are resourceful. We
take advantage of every circumstance. Jim Rohn was one of my early mentors, and
what he said is, “it’s not the government that’s going to make it happen for you
one way or the other, it’s you as the entrepreneur being resourceful with
whatever situation that you’re dealt with and things don’t change that much.
You have to change, versus trying to, you know, change the government. You could do that if you want, or you could just try to change yourself and take advantage of
the situations that are presented to you.” Okay? Does that make sense? So inside of network marketing, what does this all
mean? Here’s what it means. Like I said regardless of your political
views, this is a huge win for entrepreneurs. This is a huge win,
specifically, for business owners, small business owners. And guess what?
Because of network marketing people who decide to become a business owner, now it
appears, and I will just say it appears, that people from virtually every
category, including w-2 wage earners, are going to benefit from this, this proposed;
not proposed; this enacted tax plan. But here’s what I will tell you. W2 earners
are by far the least beneficiaries of this plan. Small
business owners, 1099 income earners, small business solopreneurs,
entrepreneurs, mid-sized business, big businesses, they’re gonna benefit
dramatically because that tax rate is brought down so small for businesses, now I’m not a tax advisor and I’m not giving you a tax advice. I’m not qualified to do
that. But here’s what I will tell you. When you
do talk to your tax advisor, I think what you’re going to find is, for you as
entrepreneurs; first I’ll talk to talk to you, and then I’ll talk about prospects
second. To you as entrepreneurs, you have the ability already, to have
business deductions through your business, that are more difficult for a
W-2 wage earner in order to be able to enjoy those same benefits. But second the ability to have the income pass through to you at a much lower tax rate gives
you a huge amount of found money depending on your income level. If you’re
a high level in network marketing distributor, if you’re earning six
figures and above, the benefits to you are enormous. Even if you’re earning at a
low level the benefits to you are significant. For most of you the tax
savings alone, the tax savings alone of being in business for yourself is going
to be more than worth whatever it is that you spent to get involved in your
network marketing opportunity, and and to stay actively involved in your network
marketing opportunity. So the benefits are absolutely enormous. Now, here’s the
second benefit. In 2018 and beyond, if you don’t start your own small business, if
you don’t start a business for yourself and become an entrepreneur, if you’re a
W-2 wage earner someplace else and you don’t decide to become an entrepreneur
and and start your own business, you’re literally throwing money away. It is, it
is such a benefit. And those of you involved in network marketing you need
to talk to your prospects about this, it is
such a benefit to become an entrepreneur. And because of the tax savings as one
small benefit, now there’s a list of other benefits as we know being at being
an entrepreneur working for yourself, but the tax savings alone is is worth the
consideration to become an entrepreneur. Now, if you’re going to become an
entrepreneur you could decide to start your own small business,
the average the United States it’s sixty five thousand dollars to start a
traditional small business on average in the United States today. You could do
that, or you might decide to take a look at network marketing. Network marketing
now does approximately 200 billion dollars a year in revenue. Network
marketing which pays out approximately 200 million dollars a day in commissions.
Network marketing has created a platform for people with a very low price of
entry, and a very high potential upside depending on your effort. But regardless
the tax benefits alone for getting involved are tremendous. So, like I said,
whichever side of the aisle you find yourself on, just know this, network
marketing might not be perfect but it’s better. Being in business for yourself
might have its challenges, might not have as much support as your W-2 income, but
it’s better for a whole myriad of reasons and now you can add tax benefit
reasons to that list. So those of you that are involved already
congratulations, those of you who are yet to consider getting involved, now is a
really good time. All right? That’s our show for today ladies gentlemen my wish
for you is that you decide to become a Network Marketing Professional. That you
decide to Go Pro. Because even though Network Marketing isn’t perfect, it’s
sure better. If you have an entrepreneurial bone in your body
it’s better. Have a great day everybody. See you later.
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