What to Expect When Applying for a Small Business Loan

When you’re running a small business
things move pretty fast opportunity might be right next door and sometimes
you need a little assistance to reach it. One fast and easy way is a small
business loan. But how does applying for a small business loan work? At National
Funding our qualification requirements are simple one year in business and
$100,000 gross annual sales which is just under $8,400 a
month. That’s all! Unlike many lenders you have the option
of either applying online using our simple application or calling a loan
specialist directly. Either way all you need to do is submit your short
application and three months of statements from your business account
which you can do by snapping a picture and sending it in. Once you do your
dedicated loan specialist will call you to discuss your specific business needs
she will invest the time to learn about you your business and your goals to
ensure we get you the funding you need. Once you’ve been approved funding will
deposit directly into your account in as few as 24 to 48 hours and can be used to
better your business. Grab an opportunity to grow, pay some bills, cover capital
expenditures, and keep you from digging into cash reserves. You can have it all
you can grow your business have strong cash flow and delight your customers
while achieving your dreams. We only need a minimal amount of paperwork and the
loan can be yours in as few as 24 to 48 hours our application process doesn’t
affect your credit score there’s no fee to apply and no collateral or down
payment required you can even nab an early payoff discount. At National
Funding we’re committed to building a relationship with you because we truly
care about the success of or business. We’ve supported small
businesses and helped owners like you make smart financial decisions since
1999. How can we help you? Apply today at www.nationalfunding.com or call 888.733.2383.

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