What website builder is best for your business?

– If you’ve listened to a podcast or watched a YouTube video recently, you’ve probably heard of website builders such as Squarespace, Wix, Weebly,
and Shopify, among others. Now these are tools for building websites that are usually free with the option to pay
for certain features, or they have a small,
affordable monthly fee. For a small business owner, these options look really tempting, they’re super easy to build with and you can have a great looking site in a short amount of time. But are these website builders
the best for your business? You see, these kind of website builders come with a few downsides. For one, your search engine optimization or SEO will likely suffer. When you make a website with
a website builder like these, you’re usually losing out on places where a conventional website would be able to add in things like titles, meta tags and rich snippets that can greatly improve your ranking. Without proper SEO, your website will fall
down the search results and make it harder for you
to reach your audience. Secondly, when you use
these website builders, you don’t technically
own the site you create. Many free options will include URLs that feature the name of
the site that you’re using. Such as Wix’s format of username.Wixsite.com/siteaddress, or Weebly’s sitename.weebly.com. Free website builders will also usually have ads for their
services on your website. And together these factors really cheapen your brand’s image. Not really owning your website also includes the problem of migration. You see, these sites usually don’t have every single ability that your business could need in the future. And you may find yourself wanting to move to a different provider which
has the features you want. Unfortunately, you won’t have access to the code that powers your website. So migrating can be really difficult, especially if your site’s
already well established. These website builders also tend to have really bad customer service with one or maybe two star
ratings on Trustpilot. Many users have found it difficult to reach out to someone who can help them when something really bad goes wrong. Now, this all sounds pretty bleak. So what can you do instead? A business needs a website
in this day and age. So what’s the alternative? Here at ProfitAbility Virtual Assistance, we prefer creating websites
using WordPress.org. WordPress is a free and open source content management system. There is no limit to what you can do with a WordPress based site. In fact, over 33% of
all the world’s websites are built using WordPress. What makes WordPress
such a versatile system, is the fact it’s open source, meaning it’s free for anyone to use. WordPress doesn’t include
domain or hosting, but the software itself
is completely free. What this means is that there’s
a lot of people out there creating free or cheap plugins for your WordPress site. Plugins function kind of
like apps on your phone. And they do tasks such
as handling payments, bookings, navigation bars and tons more. Currently, there are over
54,000 plugins available via WordPress.org. WordPress is regarded as the gold standard of SEO optimization by digital marketers. The amount of customization available via WordPress is endless. Including how your
website appears on Google and how fast your website will load, which is a huge factor in how long someone
will stay on your site. There’s also a wide variety of plugins that can help improve and track your SEO. While the process of creating a site using WordPress seems daunting, WordPress has been making strides to make building websites even easier. And ProfitAbility Virtual Assistance has made websites for
a number of businesses using WordPress with fantastic results. We can even teach you how to maintain and edit your website on your
own once it’s been created. So you don’t have to reach
out to a web developer every time you need to
make a simple change. ProfitAbility Virtual
Assistance has experience in creating booking services,
online shops and more. You can even buy your domain, hosting and SSL certificate through us making your website creation
as simple as possible. If you’d like a quote on your new website, just get in touch with us by calling 1800 VA HIRE
or message us on Facebook

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