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so i just recently took a trip to Atlanta but that didn’t mean my business stopped when i decided to travel so today i want to share with you some of the things I take in my carry-on bag to be able to keep working while in flight because that time is so valuable you could get so much done on the airplane right let me show you what it is that I pack in my carry-on so that I’m not taking too much but I got enough to get stuff done hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is Trena if you are new here i’m a video content strategist and I help online entrepreneurs by providing them tips and tricks on how to create a video content strategy that works for them in their business if you want to follow me on social media check me out right up here and don’t forget to subscribe to this channel like I said today I wanted to share with you the essentials of my carry-on bag so whether you’re traveling for a conference or you have a speaking engagement whatever it is you really want to optimize that time on the plane unless you want to sleep because that’s cool too but i recently traveled to Atlanta and i still had a lot of things that I wanted to get done with my business so I figured during the flight i could get a lot of things knocked out so let me show you what it is I pack in my carry-on to be as productive as possible first things first is the bag so I always hot bag that i got from target is a leather leather bag kind of quilted and the reason why I pack a back pack up the reason why ipad a backpack is because I just like having it on my back I don’t like to carry over my shoulder I like to have my hands-free and I chose to keep a smaller bag so that I didn’t stop it with a bunch of junk that I didn’t need and have this heavy backpack on the back so that’s why the book bags a little bit smaller I’m just packing the essentials i’m just going to go ahead and pull stuff out of this backpack + you see what’s in here so the first thing I’m going to pull out here is some pens so this is my erin condren pens out there’s a bunch of different colors in here but I just like to pack it simple in this nice little plastic container third of my bag good to go next is some hand sanitizer I do keep it in this little baggie just so it’s ready to you know go through security on this is from the company honest and we always need hand sanitizer going to traveling because we don’t want to get sick right along that was it also packed like sanitizing wipes because i always want to wipe off that table or that fold-down table on the plane because let’s not even think about how dirty and Germany and that sucker is and i really want to use that to be able to work on so I pack those little wipes to clean that off to the next thing i have is this portable charger from jackery and it’s great because I can plug my phone or my iPad right into this charger and I think it has like three or four full charges on it so if you plan to maybe watch a movie on your phone or your iPad you can do that and have this as backup or maybe you’re listening to podcasts on your phone which I also do I obviously pathway phone with me and I will load it with podcast so while I’m working I can listen and catch up on any podcast that I’ve missed the next thing I always have with me is a notebook i love this one I got from a client just Carrasco has these are inspirational quote here and I’ll of paper i love writing things down so i always have a notepad even though with technology you can write everything down on your phone and your computer and whatnot I love having a notebook just to you know write any thoughts or ideas that i have down next thing I take with me everywhere especially traveling is my planner in here is basically my life it’s my to-do list it’s my schedule everything is in here it also helps me to be able to sit down and really plan a couple weeks in advance but having my planner and having the time on the plane that’s why did it basically plan out the end of my year in my planner next I have headphones these are just the earbuds that came with my iphone i do have Beats headphones and when I go on a longer flight and i will take those along but i just want to keep things really simple for the shorter flight I just packed these earbuds they work perfectly fine like i said i’ll use them to pretty much listen to podcast and get caught up with that I’ve missed recently next is a laptop charger because the hot i’m going to show you is obviously my laptop so make sure I have this hopefully i have this sucker charge before I get on the plane but I have this just in case you know you have a charging station or Airport whatever always need your laptop charger and finally is my laptop I have it in this case it’s from Kate state i really love it has a little bit of padding in it so it protects your laptop and then I do have a case also on my laptop this is a macbook I think 15 inch and I have this hard case that’s on the outside on both sides and I really enjoy it is a little bit heavier than the macbook air but had more space especially with me with video editing i needed that extra space in that extra ram i think to be able to have a quick computer to edit videos without my computer overheating this is the laptop that i have and like I said I pack that also on my carry-on and that’s pretty much the essentials that I need to really continue working on my business while in flight I will pack some snacks because i always get hungry and they never want my blood sugar to get low because you start to get cranky and a water bottle always have water with me because you get it’s really dry on the airplanes that always have water and those are the basic things that I pack in my carry-on when i travel on an airplane I love to hear from you what are some things that you always pack in your carry-on i don’t care if it’s for vacation for pleasure whatever it is what are some of your favorite things to pack in your carry-on if you like this video make sure you give it a thumbs up and share it out with your friends of social ship social share buttons are right below you can just click on them and share them right out if you want to start creating video content like this for your business make sure you grab my free script template i’ll link it right up here and down in the description box below it really breaks out how you can write a script and so you always know what you need to say when you get on video so grab that for free as always guys thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time bye

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