What’s next for E-Commerce ? | Coffee & Conversation: Mani Gopalaratnam

There is always a race between us and an
intelligent hacker so we have to be always as not just a step but a mile
away from such events because we are holding some important data My name is Subramaniam Gopalaratnam People call me Mani and I’m the CTO of Resulticks What I want to achieve
through marketing technology is to make sure that our customers are
brought into the center base Which is the whole view of how marketing
is going to look like in the future And making them get the best context offers and the content Resulticks is capable of reaching out to its customers through almost all
the touch points in digital world today Be it the website
through notification Be it a mobile app through notification and SMS which is passe but we also are
into doing things like Line us a platform which can reach out to people what’s up
as a platform Even gone into the level of connecting voice messages and information relating to how you want my IOT devices to be connected and
communicated to an example would be how an Alexa at home could communicate with
you more effectively In terms of knowing what your house has and providing your
offers relating to that We are trying to take out all the manual jobs that a marketeer does today on a day to day basis be it from knowing what kind of
segmentation they need to have Two, how do you define a customer journey How do you make sure that
all the data is collated from responses and route back into
making the communication more appropriate to a customer and an action
taken either positively or negatively is appropriately handled that’s automation
in Resulticks context Data should be available as a holistic entity not as silos that’s the first part if you solve that problem then you can have
different models acting upon it The key is to bring the data back into a
location or a context if you have that Then you have the sky is a limit for us
to analyze how the data can be seen How the data can be utilized How the data can create views which you normally won’t get by manually looking at the data So analytics will be the key pillar on the data which is your
foundation to construct the world of marketing Southeast Asia is in a good position
I would say They, the customers have invested in processes relating to data and also we have a very good customer savvy market There is multiple channels today are being promoted So unlike United States (US) where
direct marketing is still in existence Southeast Asia has passed that maybe it’s a blessing So omni-channel doesn’t mean that you can spray more Omni-channel helps you in creating your proper contextual reach and deliver an
engagement which converts And attribution is the key The challenges I had are not new Its people, process and technology in that order The first thing about
adapting to such things is organizations mentality of how people view
how omni-channel can help them This is very much required If they are going to use
the old thought to use a new tech or a new methodology it’s not going to work Once that heard in this crossed you need to make sure that the processes supporting this
are enabled appropriately So you have to cut short many of the old processes of how
you’ll segment how you will create a trigger communication what channels you
can use for what type of groups of people
It’s important Technology for me is
the least of the challenge Today, thanks to the availability of seclude cloud and also ability for an organization to use their own hosting capabilities This is not going to be a problem In terms of brick and mortar to E-commerce journey
is not going to be 100 percent So people are not going to go to e-commerce world
for everything even me when I look at buying my provisions on vegetables
like to go to a wet market and do a touching faith and that will remain E-commerce enable us to get more options faster delivery and easier ordering
process Whenever there is a requirement for such kind of things like
for example banking I don’t go enjoying standing in a
queue before a teller I would love to use their E-commerce or a E-banking solution Same thing with insurance I would like to just go there to their website and file a
claim I don’t want to be filling up forms or meeting somebody But there are still
areas where interaction from a human being helps us A brick and mortar should
preserve its best points that is customer intimacy at a point of presence This is still an important part for massive big purchases I still believe
even next decade E-commerce will not overtake this At the same time the brick
and mortar should also look at enabling themselves on e-commerce so that they
are able to do the dual strategy if you look at Amazon for example they come
back with two stores One in Seattle
One in New York What keeps me up at night are three things: One is the security Security is paramount today though we keep making
sure that we are ironclad in terms of how we secure the data have a secure infrastructure There is always a race between us and an intelligent hacker So we have to be always as not just a step but a mile away from such events because
we are holding some important data Second part of it is for our ability to make the platform cost-effective all the time So, the cost of infrastructure is
dwindling down year on year So we have to be cognizant about how do we make our
services in line with that So we are giving better value to our customer It need
not be just a price reduction but it could be a huge performance improvement
it could be new features that could be delivered at a fraction of cost The third and most important thing that I always look at it is How do we look at
the whole ecosystem has complementary and not predatory Resulticks always looks at our competition that respect Everyone has
their point of view Everyone has their strength points so we always look for
how do we integrate and bring the ecosystem up rather than trying to say
I will kill somebody else

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