When is Open Enrollment for Small Business Health Insurance Plans?

When is open enrollment for small business
health insurance plans? There are three things you should know about
enrolling in small business health insurance. When you can apply for a new plan. When you can make changes to an existing plan. And, how you can add and remove new employees
and dependents from a plan. Let’s look at each of these in more detail. First, if you’re a qualifying small business
owner, you can apply for small business health insurance at any time of year. Second, once you’ve enrolled, you may make
changes to your current benefits with the same insurer once per year. Third, you can add new employees or remove
former employees or dependents from your plan at any time of the year. Your licensed agent or the insurance company
can help. You can add dependents to the plan after a
qualifying life event such as marriage or the birth or adoption of a child, among other
things. If dependents miss their special enrollment
window for a qualifying life event, they generally have to wait until the next annual open enrollment
period. To learn more about your small business health
insurance options today, visit eHealth.com.

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