White Contrast Collars – Are Contrast Collars Proper For A Business / Work Setting – Collar History

White Contrast Collars – Are Contrast Collars
Proper For A Business _ Work Setting – Collar History Hi, I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real
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Antonio, I’ve been enjoying your site and YouTube page for a year or so now. I’ve
been impress with your ability to regulate, create post and put out a new content. Your
consistency is appreciated.” Well thank you sir. “I wanted to ask if you could write
or talk about contrasting white collars. I was wondering if it limits the shirts versatility.
And if you have any guidelines or suggestions regarding white collars with the collars shape
style and the man’s body build. I’m concerning a white collar on an ecru shirt, I like the
ecru color for many of my suits but I have a golden yellow complexion. I’m Filipino and
I’m worried that they’re going to blend too much with the color, especially when I
lose my tan with the winter. I fear the white will help with that or could I be over thinking
it? Thank you for your time, Jonathan from Chicago.” Okay and he also adds at the end that he works
in government and that he’s surrounded by a lot of sharp dressers there in Chicago.
Alright, so let’s talk a little bit about the contrasting cuff, not just cuff but actually
he’s asking about the color but usually see the cuff as well. So that’s – where
is this come from? And why do you see it on men’s shirts? Well the history with this
is collars and cuffs are the first thing to wear out on a shirt. So there was a very – there
was an ingenious woman, at one time she got tired of washing her husband’s clothing
and she said, you know, wouldn’t it be easier because it’s the cuffs, and it’s the collar
that get dirty all the time and wear out. “What if I just made them so that they came
off?” and so she did that. And this is a white on white shirt because that’s what
was primarily wanted about 100 years ago. And so she took it so it was, she basically
just made it so that they were interchangeable and – so she saved herself on doing laundry
and what we had was the removable collar and the cuff. Now this fell out of style because
it was kind of a pain in the butt to mess with this stuff, to attach it, and laundry
became easier to do but what stuck around was the idea that you could actually mix match
colors and cuffs. And used to again, be white on white but then you saw the white probably
getting stuck on blue and I’m sure it happened the first time because a guy had to had to
work. He was a little bit – maybe he didn’t really mind so much and his wife was like,
“okay we’re putting this together and you’re wearing it.” That’s how I would
like to think it evolved, who knows? That’s probably lost there in history. But in any
case, what we started say, were different color shirt bodies, mixed with a white cuff
and a white collar. Nowadays, I see this primarily in the world
of banking and finance and the signals that it sends to me and this is important because
this is – whatever comes to somebody’s mind, this is what you’re dressing for in
many ways. What you’ve got to pay attention to. To me it symbolizes that you’re above
working with your hands and you’re more of somebody who works with your mind. So it’s
not necessarily a bad thing but if you’re in the construction field or you’re in a
field in which you want to be more down to earth, more approachable with the people that
you work with, you probably want to be careful with that type of style. It gives kind of
a little higher ends style which, again, if you’re in the banking world perhaps you
want to send the signal that you’re not – that you are of someone of the intellect
and that you’re a good person to invest your money with. In any case, you’ve got to make that decision
but you’re question is more okay. I’m Filipino, I’ve got a little bit color of yellow in
your skin color, especially during the summer you’ve got a bit of a tan but during the
winter you’ll lose that tan and your worried that the ecru which is kind of a yellowish
colored shirt is going to be too close to your skin color and the white is going to
help offset that. I like this logic and I think you thought through this and this is
a pretty – I think it’s a good idea and if you think this is going to look good in
it. Sounds like you’re already surrounded by some pretty sharp dressers, I would go
for it. I think this sounds like a good combination but just know the history and know the symbolism
that you’re going to be sending out there to the world. But it sounds like you’re
pretty aware of it and hopefully with that little bit of a history… …lesson you’ll be a little bit more prepared
when you put this together. The other thing that I would talk about is
– okay I’m sorry. You want to tone down the rest of your outfit because this contrast
is going to be probably the style feature, so you want to be looking at everything else
you’re wearing and perhaps tone it down. So you don’t want to necessarily work your
brightest tie, you don’t want to wear an outlandish pocket square, you don’t want
it to be with the suit that’s already drawing attention. Basically your shirt – because
of this contrast and because it’s not the most common thing and again this depends n
your environment but you probably want to let that be the item that you’re actually
wearing that pops. Okay, well hopefully that answers your question
and we didn’t get into a lot of other colors, I think this contrast works great with light
blue, with dark blue, with ecru, I’ve seen it with pink, I’ve seen it lavender, so
but primarily it works with solid. Now once you start mixing the solid white collar and
cuff with stripes like with the kind of shirt I have here, you’re going to – it’s
not going to have as much of a pop but I don’t think it looks as great but certain of them
can pull off, I’ve seen it pulled off but you need to be a little bit more style savvy. Okay this is been Antonio Sentinel with Real
Men Real Style, I’ll see you in the comments.

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