Who Approved THESE Business Ideas?!

Here are a few of the stranger things companies
have done! 9 – Everyone gets a Million You get a million! YOU get a million! YOU get a million! YOU get a million! Everyone gets a million!!!! Back in 1992, Pepsi had accidentally announced
the wrong winning number in the Philippines to their “Number Fever” contest to win
a million Pesos. Instead of a single 1-million-peso winner,
or roughly 40 thousand US dollars back then, get this, up to EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND bottle
caps marked with the winning number of “349” were printed! Tens of thousands of Filipinos thought that
they had won a million pesos, and they soon began demanding billions of dollars that Pepsi
refused to pay. When mobs rioted after the bottle-cap error
was announced, frightened executives decided to offer a roughly $20 dollars worth of pesos
to anyone with a 349 cap. Obviously, the winners weren’t having it. Pepsi records show that at least 32 delivery
trucks were vandalized. Armed men had also vandalized Pepsi plants
and offices. Criminal and civil claims were also filed
against Pepsi all across the Philippines. Pepsi, which budgeted only $2 million for
prizes, instead paid out $10 million more for what it calls a “goodwill gesture.” Pepsi had came up with the Pepsi Fever game
as an attempt to pump up sales. Sales of Pepsi and its other brands went up
almost 40 percent after the start of the contest. 8 – Sneakers on Lock
Ahhh fashion. Ever heard of it?! Sometimes certain things are too ridiculous
even for the fashion world and that’s certainly the case here. Back In 2012, Adidas had to withdraw its plans
to sell a controversial sneaker that featured rubber shackles. Really, who wants to look like a prisoner? Adidas caught plenty of flak after showing
off the shoe on its Facebook page. The sneakers were called the JS Roundhouse
Mids. “Got a sneaker game so hot you lock your kicks
to your ankles?” was the caption below the photo of the shoes on Facebook. The shoe was designed by renowned fashion
designer Jeremy Scott. Adidas dismissed the criticism in a written
statement saying that the shoe was meant to be a unique take on fashion. Scott said that his work has always been inspired
by cartoons, toys, and his childhood.” He attached a photo of for the inspiration
of the shoe, a “My Pet Monster”, which is a bright, plush character with its wrists
shackled. Yeah, anything in fashion involving shackles
is gonna create a controversy, no matter what the inspiration! 7 – Toothpaste Entrees
When we think of Colgate, we think of a clean, fresh mouth. We don’t think of yummy dinners. And that’s pretty much the biggest reason
why Colgate’s line of frozen dinners totally flopped. So why on earth would Colgate want to enter
the frozen dinner section? Well, in the late 1970s and into the 1980s,
microwave ovens had become a huge seller throughout the US. As a result, companies began making products
to cook in the microwave. Colgate wanted another product line, so they
came up with “Colgate Kitchen Entrees.” The meals came in lots of different varieties
but were pretty similar to what the competition offered. Although, if they came up with food that’d
actually clean our teeth at the same time, that’d be a different story! But of course, Colgate didn’t do that. Apparently they believed they could out-market
their competition. The company invested huge amounts of money
on TV, radio, and print ads, and gave out large amounts of coupons. But it still wasn’t enough for their frozen
dinners to catch on. The “Colgate” brand scared off consumers
who, understandably, couldn’t get past the idea of their dinner tasting like toothpaste. Why didn’t Colgate just come up with another
brand name? Colgate Kitchen Entrees quickly disappeared
from the freezer section, never to be seen again. And Colgate probably prefers it that way. When a curator of marketing failures wanted
to include Colgate in his collection of “Museum of Failures,” Colgate declined to provide
an exhibit. 6 – Begging in Style
Whenever people ask for money, usually they try to look the part of needing money. Back during the recession of 2008, the CEOs
of the Big Three auto companies for some reason decided to fly their private jets to Washington
to request taxpayer bailout money. The Ford, Chrysler and GM CEOs were seeking
support for a $25 billion loan package Representative Gary Ackerman of New York, told the CEOs that
flying to beg for money in luxury private jets is almost like seeing a guy show up at
the soup kitchen in a top hat and tuxedo. We’re gonna agree, just like we probably
wouldn’t ask for money from our friends while wearing a gucci outfit! Ackerman added
that they could’ve at least downgraded to flying first class on a regular flight. $20,000 dollars is a ballpark figure for a
round trip corporate jet flight between Detroit and Washington DC. When asked whether they planned on changing
their travel policies as part of the restructuring needed to shore up their finances back then,
none of them answered directly, and they said flying in a private jet is obligatory because
of security concerns. Ehhh…..maybe? 5 – Dove Troubles
Is it just us or does Dove manage to keep hiring marketing firms that just wants to
troll the brand? Back in 2017, Dove had to apologize for yet
another ad that that created outcry over an ad that’s basically just inexplicable. We’re still trying to figure out what they’re
trying to represent with their ad here! The ad was a quick three second GIF that promoted
Dove’s body wash. The GIF showed a black woman peeling off a
dark shirt and transforming into a white woman in a beige shirt, and then the white woman
peels off her shirt to reveal another white woman. What do you guys think the ad supposed to
mean?! Do you guys think that it’s supposed to
mean once you use the bodywash you’re supposed to feel like a new person? Or is Dove actually trying to be racist?! Or it’s supposed to mean something else? Make sure to place your vote in our poll! The response on social media wasn’t pleasant,
with many people questioning why Dove would feature the black woman first. Dove issued a separate statement saying that
the ad didn’t represent the diversity of real beauty, something that Dove had been
trying to portray over the years. Many people just like us were wondering just
how the ad even got the go-ahead in the first place, much less actually made! 4 – Some Friendly Suggestions When companies lay off employees, they usually
just let the employees go annnnd that’s it. Well, for Northwest Airlines, now merged into
Delta, they felt REALLY bad about having to let go of a part of their workforce. So they decided to pass along some money saving
tips to their newly laid off ex-employees! Yeah, that didn’t go over so well. They had to apologize to workers offended
by company suggestions on how to save money. Some of the suggestions on the list included
buying auto parts at junkyards, and taking shorter showers! The list, was titled “101 Ways to Save Money,”
and was part of a booklet for laid off employees. Northwest gave out 60 of the booklets before
angry employees start complaining. The 165-page booklet was created for Northwest
by an employee-assistance company called NEAS. Part of the booklet dealt with coping with
job loss, options for job transfers within Northwest and relocation advice. But the other half is where allllll the life
wisdom was. Some more suggestions on the money-saving
idea list included giving homemade cards and gifts, asking doctors for prescription drug
samples, and borrowing clothes for a big night out. Our favorite suggestion? “Don’t be shy about pulling something you
like out of the trash”. Maybe just a quick reminder on not spending
money would have been more than enough! 3 – Melting Snapple In life, timing is everything. Trying to make the world’s largest popsicle? Definitely here too! Whoever attempts it probably doesn’t want
to do it during the summer. Back In 2005, Snapple wanted to break the
world record for the world’s largest popsicle to celebrate its newest flavor, kiwi strawberry. Snapple mixed and froze a giant icy doppelganger
of its new flavor. The frozen popsicle was then hauled by a freezer
truck from New Jersey to New York City. But…of course…..it started melting. Snapple officials first started to worry when
pink liquid began to flow freely onto East 17th Street. They feared that cyclists and automobiles
would slip in the ooze. Shortly after, fire trucks were called in
and the police closed off a few streets to contain the melting popsicle. Snapple officials decided to stop raising
the popsicle after getting it to a 25-degree angle. Doing it in the middle of winter probably
would have gotten Snapple the record. But then again, if they were planning on serving
the popsicle afterwards, who would want a popsicle in the middle of winter?! 2 – That’s Ice Cold When we think of Japan, one of the things
that pop into our head is fish. Fish that’s cold, and preferably really
cold, because come on, that’s how we like our sashimi! Well, a Japanese theme park decided to take
that concept one step fur her when they froze 5,000 sea animals INTO the floor of an ice
rink because uh……they thought it’d be cool? At Japan’s Space World theme park, fish,
crab, and other shellfish were embedded in the ice as part of a special winter attraction
called “Freezing Port”. The park advertised it as a world first and
posted images of the fish on its official Facebook site, alongside with captions that
basically made fun of the fish freezing. Predictably, the reaction on social media
was bad. Apparently, the theme park managers were shocked
to hear that people weren’t happy with freezing a bunch of fish to the floor, because c’mon,
who really takes PETA’s side anyways, especially after they went after Steve Irwin?! The ice skate rink had been very popular since
it opened, but after the public backlash, they decided to close the attraction. The park unfreezed the skating rink to remove
the fish and promised to hold an appropriate religious service for the fish. Well, at least the fish were purchased at
a local fish market, where they had already met their fate! 1 – A different Whopper In 2018, Burger King decided to run a whopper
promotion in Russia. Not just any whopper promotion, but a short-lived
promotion that offered money and a lifetime of free Whoppers to women who uh….got the
whopper from World Cup stars! And by that we meant getting a bun in the
oven. We think you know what we mean. Seriously, there was a room full of executives
that reviewed this campaign and they voted yes. Just how?!?! The promo promised an award of 3 million Russian
rubles, or roughly 46 thousand bucks, and a lifetime supply of Whoppers, to any woman
who was able to get the task done. According to the ad, that would lay the foundation
for the Russian team’s own success several generations ahead. Yeah, Burger King Russia REALLY wanted Russia
to win the World Cup! Here’s what’s next!

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7 thoughts on “Who Approved THESE Business Ideas?!

  1. Dove ad was beyond messed up. instead of blackface they went another level and just remove the whole person! I call it maga-racist there.

  2. I read about that Colgate incident. The reason they didn't use a new brand name is because they had a very ambitious goal. What is the first thing you do when you get up? You brush your teeth. Colgate wanted people to use their products from getting up to going to bed. Throughout history, every company or business which had such bizarre narcissist idea has failed miserably.

  3. If the Caucasian females skin pigment went to that of an African females I bet it would be ok. But the fact is race isn't real. Society has turned humans into separate species of animal by incorporating race. You're a human and you're just as gross and ugly as the sick fuck next you. But I digress. Perception is reality. Cause hell maybe there intentions were racist! But just some people are, arrogant and uncultured.

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