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You told me when I was a little girl this is going to hurt me a lot
worse than it’s going to hurt you. [Announcer] Get her! [Audience Goes Wild] That’s Linda McMahon, she’s the head of the government agency that
helps small businesses in the Trump administration. Nice talking to you, mom! [Announcer] What is wrong with this family? Linda was born in 1948 to two conservative,
devout baptists in New Bern, North Carolina. It didn’t take long for her to meet
the man she would one day marry: WWE mastermind Vince McMahon. The two met when Linda was only 13 and Vince 16. That guy is kinda cute— Shortly after the two graduated
from nearby high schools, they married when Linda was just 17. You read my lips: I want a divorce! After she graduated from East Carolina
University, Linda had their first baby, and was working as a receptionist
at ‘Covington and Burling,’ a major lawfirm, where she translated French documents and learned a great deal about intellectual property rights. Struggling to make ends meet
Linda and Vince filed for bankruptcy in 1976. The business venture that Vince
and I created is very successful. But that’s not always been the case. There was a time in our lives
when we had to declare bankruptcy. After briefly receiving food stamps, Vince
took a 90-hour-a-week job at a quarry. But 3 years of hard work later, the
family was on their feet and in the ring. Vince started his own wrestling company by 1979. And founded ‘Titan Sports’ in 1980. After a few mergers and acquisitions
of smaller wrestling groups, the McMahon’s founded the World Wrestling Federation. Linda became president in ’93 and CEO by ’97. Business was booming and the extent
to which Linda went for her art appeared to have no bounds. That was bad, but things got worse. After Linda stepped down from her duties with the
WWE, she ran an unsuccessful 2010 Senate run. She was asked about the massive amount of
lobbying money her family had poured into Washington: Now what’re you going to do when you go to Washington? Are you really going to represent the people? First of all, I’d like to ask you to clarify something for me. I’m not sure about what money
has been paid for special interests, can you clarify that for me? Haven’t you paid over a
million dollars in contributions? In terms of lobbying dollars, in Washington,
I’ve not spent lobbying dollars in Washington. However, a report revealed
that between 1999 and 2009, the WWE spent at least $1 million on federal lobbying, a chunk of which was paid to lobbyists at K&L Gates to help the company navigate a congressional
investigation of steroid use in sports. An issue that was also brought up during her run. Linda was accused of tipping off a ringside
physician about a steroid investigation. Hulk Hogan himself testified to Congress that up
to 80% of wrestlers used steroids in the 1980s. [Unintelligible gibberish] Got a 32 inch neck, a 64 inch chest, the largest arms in the world. I’m geared to seek and destroy. The steroid epidemic in the WWE
allegedly caused Eddie Guerrero’s death, and Chris Benoit’s murderous rampage on his family. And McMahon tried to cover it all up. In a 1989 memo, she fired and warned
one of the WWE’s ringside physicians about a looming Justice Department investigation, giving the physician ample
notice to destroy all evidence. Which he did. Even though she’s heavily medicated, she can hear and see everything. And so could a congressional committee. By 2007, after Chris Benoit’s murderous
rampage, leaving steroids behind at the scene, blew the looming issue wide open. The committee said the WWE
had “not taken adequate steps” to address steroid use in its ranks. A report uncovered that out of 75 wrestlers,
40% tested positive for drug use, mostly steroids. Both Vince and Linda testified. And after pouring $50 million from
her own pocket, into the campaign— breaking Connecticut state
records for out-of-pocket spending, shestilllost. Linda McMahon! She ran again for Senate in 2012 and lost once again. [CRYING] It’s OK— no really, I’m fine. During the 2016 campaign cycle, she gave nearly
$6 million to a Super PAC backing Trump, once again hoping to buy her way into a seat. And this time it paid off. This won’t be the first time the two
have worked together. But she doesn’t work directly with the
President, she works a few blocks away. Apparently too far away to peg the President. You spend time in the White House with
the President, what is he actually like? Because from our perspective,
things seem pretty crazy right now. Well I’m not actually in the White House all that often, SBA headquarters are several
blocks away from the White House, and that’s where I’m really focused. After securing her spot in the SBA
with a vote of 81 to 19, she was sworn in. And under McMahon, small business
confidence is actually at a record high. Considering President Trump had a decades long
history of stiffing small businesses who worked on his projects, maybe a wrastling, steroid-pushing woman from
North Carolina was just what he needed to fix things.

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37 thoughts on “Who is Linda McMahon? WWE Cofounder & Trump’s Small Business Administrator | NowThis

  1. Steroids weren’t necessarily to blame for Eddie Guerrero’s death. He was struggling addiction to prescription pills and other non-steroid drugs years prior to his death even causing him to get fired, but is important to remeber that those same drug are more likely to have caused his death than steroids which he probably didn’t use between 2000-2005

  2. She isn't a co-founder. You already failed within the title. I'm not going to watch this video and sit through your lazy research.

  3. coruption will be stopped bye trump watch for it coming soon he has all the cars lined up and the highest house in the country

  4. Nobody truly believes it was steroids, but rather it was brain damage that caused “Chris Benoit’s Murderous rampage”.

    It’s unfair to just casually mention steroids were found left behind without any further evidence.

  5. Biased report or not, Trump is a clown who surrounds himself with circus performers. That's what you should learn from this episode.

  6. This is a hatchet job if I've ever seen one…

    I've enjoyed a lot of the videos on the channel, I subscribed a while ago, but this one is out of control with bias and "alternative facts"..

    Thumbs down!

  7. Anyone realizing how stupid it is to show clips of her WWE character instead of focusing on the actual person Linda McMahon.

    That would be like making a hit piece on Tom Feldman, only showing clips of him as Draco Malfoy. Lol

  8. Nope… Vince did not create the wwe … he inherited it from his father. .. it's like common knowledge for all wrestling fans… how did you mess that up😮😮

  9. I enjoy this series, but this video was really poorly sourced and presented. Since the author didn't seem to want to run a fact check on their research, I'll go ahead and do it for you…

    1:38 – Vince K McMahon Jr did not start the WWF, Vince J McMahon Sr. did in April 1963, originally branded as the Capitol Wrestling Corporation, and eventually becoming the WWWF in 1979. Vince K McMahon bought the WWWF from his father in 1982.

    3:02 – A little over 30% of the $1 million lobbying went to K&L Gates for their representation into PEDs. The use of the word "chunk" is ambiguous and misleading in the context of the previous 20 seconds of explanation. Linda definitely lied about lobbying efforts, but it's worth further contextualizing this. Much of the other lobbying efforts were supporting WWE's "Smackdown the Vote" initiative.

    3:11 – The ringside physician, Dr. Zahorian, was almost certainly providing steroids to wrestlers within WWE, and sent steroids to Vince McMahon himself at the Titan Sports HQ. It's worth noting in the context of the rest of the narrative of this video that Linda McMahon was never charged with, or convicted, of any crime. Vince was the focus of this investigation, and rightfully so.

    3:38 – Eddie's cause of death was arteriosclerotic heart disease. While steroid abuse can cause the heart to grow and lead to coronary artery disease, ignoring Eddie's substantial history of other substance abuse , and the coroner's lack of specificity in the cause of Eddie's heart disease, is irresponsible.

    3:40 – Chris Benoit's autopsy found testosterone cypionate, Xanax, and hydrocodone in his system when he died. Further, a study of Benoit's brain at WVU found that Benoit had severe CTE in all four lobes of his brain from repeated concussions. The doctor who did the surgery described Benoit's brain as resembling that of an 85-year-old Alzheimer's patient. So again, alleging sole responsibility for this travesty to Benoit's obvious abuse of steroids is an irresponsible over-simplification.

    3:47 – You make the assertion that Linda McMahon tried to cover up the role of steroids in Benoit and Guerrero's death, but then discuss a memo from 1989, which was 18 years before either of their deaths. Not debating the content of the memo, just your use in the narrative around Linda McMahon covering anything up specifically with Benoit and Guererro.

  10. worse than the steroid trial would be the insistance that WWE employees work as "independent contractors which has been their way around any number of employment regulations…such as providing health insurance in an industry where concussions are a serious issue

  11. Do you know Connecticut- A.K.A one of the most democratic states in the country. No wonder she lost. Don't blame itcon her.

  12. After 3 years if labour he founded a wrestling company.
    That's the mysterious way for every working person I suppose

  13. This was by far the worst episode in this series. The lack of effort into legitimately criticizing Linda McMahon is almost Nancy Grace like. And using Atiitude Era footage of The McMahon family to prove a point is beyond 2nd rate.

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