Why a Website without ROI is like a Bank Account without Money

Hi and welcome to this week’s digital
marketing Power Briefing. My name is Jon Leland and I’m a digital marketing
strategist and this week we’re talking about why a website without ROI is like
a bank account without money. You know, we do online marketing for a lot of reasons
and I guess I’ll start with a quick caveat and say, you know if all your
business needs is a brochure website: great, no problem, good for you. But if
you’re looking for your website to be part of a marketing plan, if you’re
looking for your website to be part of a business plan then it needs to have a
return on investment. There needs to be a real ROI and it’s common sense of course
but so many businesses have websites and no real strategy to get a return on
investment and it’s easy to understand. Digital marketing, online marketing can
be frustrating, it can be overwhelming and worst of all, it can be infested with
get-rich-quick schemers and unprofessional, you know, marketing people that just don’t get the job done and get a return. I’m here to tell you that
online marketing could be fun, it can be about creating meaningful
relationships. I hope that’s what we’re doing here, that I’m communicating some
value and you appreciate what’s being offered. Regardless of whether we ever do business together, business is about relationships. Websites need to build
relationships on a long-term and have a strategy with multiple touches then you
can get a real return on investment, a real ROI and that makes digital
marketing a whole different animal, a whole different ballgame. So, don’t fall
for all the BS, don’t waste your time on BS, get real marketing strategies that
are designed for a real return, even if you have to experiment and take action.
Have a plan, have a marketing plan, have a business plan, and work strategies that
produce a real return on investment. I want to keep this video short
but if you’re interested in more information about what I call
Relationship Funnels, which is a strategy that returns on the investment then
bit.ly/website-broken. And that’s this week’s digital marketing
Power Briefing. I look forward to your feedback, let me know what else you want to hear about. Subscribe, follow, and all that good stuff. Thanks so much for your
attention and bye for now!

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