Why Do You Need a Small Business Attorney?

small businesses make up 99.7 percent of the workforce in the United States they’re also prone to
common and avoidable legal mistakes to help we’ve put together a list of six
steps to protect your business with so much information available online it’s
easy to think that we can handle everything ourselves that’s why it’s
essential to understand if there are some legal issues that absolutely
require the assistance of an attorney an experienced attorney can not only get
you out of legal trouble but more importantly can keep you from getting
into trouble in the first place in business timing is everything
make sure to quickly address all complaints from customers employees or
anyone else timeliness is a secret weapon to avoid small complaints turning
into full-blown lawsuits business owners often choose to form a corporation or
limited liability company to avoid personal obligation for business debts
and liabilities but sometimes the courts still hold the owners members and
shareholders personally liable when this happens it’s called piercing the
corporate veil however courts are less likely to hold you personally liable if
you properly capitalize and insure the business comply with entity formalities
including proper issuance of stock certificates properly file the company’s
articles of organization or incorporation create bylaws or an
operating agreement and comply by their terms create a separate and independent
bank account keep personal and business financial records separate document the
reasons for the company’s capital structure and the level of capital used
fully document all transfers of money or property between the owners and the
company keep a balance between debt and equity that is appropriate for the
company’s type of business you must also comply with a host of laws that define
your relationship with your employees this includes hiring onboarding
performance termination and training you also need to know which laws apply to
your payroll which records are you required to keep how to avoid
discrimination and avoid wage and hour violations with independent contractors
you can even be liable for employee behavior to avoid these problems
document everything this includes any verbal discussions a great way to do
this is by following up with an email emails provide a time stamp gives the
other party an opportunity to clear up any misunderstanding and puts it in
writing if you wait for a crisis before talking to an attorney it might be too
late an annual check up with your small business
attorney is a great way to prevent this doing so can reveal traps and provide
tips to keep you in business for the long haul if you have any questions
please give us a call we’re happy to help in any way that we can

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