Why I choose piggery as my business?

Why I choose piggery as my business? 1. Pork meat has high demands in the market. – Filipinos are fond of eating pork. – Delicious and with many possible recipes. 2. Source of protein. As a citizen, our mission is to provide enough source of protein to our community. 3. Easy to take good care of. – Just put the pigs in a comfortable pig pens. – You just clean the pig pens before feeding the pigs. 4. You earn quickly in a short period of time. – Pigs grow so quick and you can sell them after three months. – The live weight price of pigs for lechon is high; you earn so quick a matter of one month. 5. The income is good. – Many are already flourishing in piggery business. – The more your pigs, the higher you earn. Feed the pigs on-time; three times a day. The feeds the that we feed to the pigs must be based on their age and not on their size. Don’t hesitate in starting a business. Don’t worry of losing. We knew that any business do have risks. The essential is we are ready and we have knowledge. We must possess an entrepreneur mindset. Subscribe to my channel and click the notification bell for you to be notified whenever I upload new videos.

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5 thoughts on “Why I choose piggery as my business?

  1. maganda talaga pag pangkabuhayan ka,,makakatulong poh yan sa atin allo na pag ma gipit tayu,,d natin inaasahan minsan darating talaga s abuhay natin na magigipit,,good luck s apangkabuhayan mo sissy,,,

  2. Hello man. I’m here from a comment I saw on a Fino Boxing video. I will subscribe and watch your videos. Can you subscribe to me (a fellow new YouTuber) and like a video. Please. Cheers

  3. Nice Paps,factory worker din ako dito sa Korea,pero gusto ko na umuwi next year eh balak ko mag alaga na lang ako ng baboy pag uwi kasi my farm ako n maganda pwesto,more videos Paps for tips😁

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