Why I Refuse to Grow Hemp

in past videos, I’ve made some bold
claims and strong assertions that I’m going to be adding a new activity in
business to our farm I’ve talked about growing hemp I’ve talked about raising
geese well by the end of this video I’m gonna explain to you guys what my plan
is for 2019 first keep filling up this water I got 13 farm-fresh eggs this morning
that’s pretty good as you guys have known I have been exploring two
different specific business lines to enter into you for our farm this year on
the one hand I’m thinking about going into growing hemp whether it be for
industrial or CBD use there seems to be a lot of opportunity and buzz centered
around that sort of thing but on the other hand I’ve really thought a lot
about doubling down on my skills working with waterfowl and starting to raise
geese perfect given my limited bandwidth with everything I already have going on
with the farm between the ducks that we’re raising here for eggs as well as
what we’re doing with our orchard out back I want to make sure I don’t
overextend myself so so I’ve made a deal with my wife Allison that I can only
enter into one business which to me is kind of unfortunate because one of the
things that drives me crazy astiz that fear of missing out fear of missing out
formal as it’s become known so now when it comes to hemp and in growing hemp
here on the farm there’s really two avenues that exist
within it there is the CBD focused hemp production which requires a fair amount
of growing precision you only want the female plant that means you either need
to be very precise with how you weed out and manage your crop or you only go with
clones and if you go with clones that can get quite pricey like I’m talking to
people where they want 10 to 15 dollars per plant but the opportunity with CBD
is also tremendous there is such crazy high demand right now for CBD all these
products that you see out there are using it today we are making a CBD
golden milk latte it’s all anybody’s ever talking about CBD gummies from hemp
balms it just might be the hottest craze since cobra oil it is a tonic and elixir
purge the body and lift the spirits most of the growers I’ve talked to you who
are growing for CVD are growing it in some sort of greenhouse or hoop house
structure they are very skilled horticulturists and it’s a very precise
practice when it comes to growing hemp for industrial use whether it be for
food or for fiber or for biodiesel or for building materials you know there’s
a wild crazy long list of it in a field like the field that we have here at our
farm could be a very good fit for the demands of the industrial hemp trade and
that industrial hemp trade is also booming it might not be as massive or as
quickly growing as the CBD trade but industrial hemp really does have a
future there’s a lot of potential here but let’s also acknowledge the downsides
to him and when it comes to hemp whether it be for CBD or for industrial
production there are a fair amount of downsides I mean first and foremost I really don’t
know what I’m doing I’ve never grown a crop really you know I’ve raised a ton
of tree seedlings and I’ve done a fair amount of gardening my day but I’ve
never done like you know grow crop agriculture I don’t have a tractor or
any of the necessary infrastructure hemp specifically needs its own special
harvesting equipment and attachments that even the local dairy farmers around
here who I’m friends with don’t have so even if I could enlist a few local
friends here to help me with the tractor power I would still need to you know
whether it be rent or buy the attachments to plant as well as harvest
the hemp and even if I am able to graze a good healthy crop I need to have a
buyer and I’ve spent the last two months trying to nail down potential buyers to
to work with and then that’s a dodgy business hi you’ve reached horticulture
in HomeGoods please leave a message at the beep I’ll get back as soon as I can
thank you have a great day I’m finding this very weird
contradictory thing happening where everybody’s saying there’s crazy high
demand but then everybody I talked to who is a potential buyer or somebody who
can process it is acting like there’s a glut and they pretend like they would be
doing me a favor by taking the hemp off my hands so all in all it kind of leaves
me in somewhat of a conundrum and it makes the whole hemp trade seem somewhat
unattractive whether that’s for industrial use or CBD right now while
there’s a boom for hemp and there’s just a real opportunity out there and there’s
a lot of interest I could see a small grower like myself actually making some
headway but I think very soon the big guys are gonna push the little guys out
of this marketplace and it’s going to be very hard to compete in this industrial
hemp industry or in the CBD industry without actually having the necessary
scale and as I think about why I wanted to get into farming in the first place
trying to build up scale for a large processing operation it is not one of
those things that was on my list so let’s talk about my other business
opportunity of trying to raise grazing geese as I think about what I actually
like about the farm and life on the farm one of the things I enjoy the most is
just spending time here and hanging out with my ducks and I feel like I’ve
learned a ton by working with our ducks over the past year and so when I think
about the idea of bringing geese onto the farm that’s not nearly as scary well
I love my ducks I just see this amazing potential and opportunity with the geese
you know the downside with the Ducks is that I have to bring on so much grain
onto the farm that’s an off arm input that’s an extra
expense that’s something that requires fuel and extra money and if I think
about really trying to limit the number of inputs I’m putting into this farming
activity you know the feed for the Ducks can’t be ignored if one of the things
that I’m trying to do is create a sustainable business model for my farm
one that’s sustainable from an ecological perspective thinking about
the holistic impact that the Ducks have on an environmental perspective is
important and what I see with this opportunity with the geese is something
to actually really break through and find a new way to farm because geese are
grazers I can take advantage of all of this grassland that I have out here or
that I will have out here this summer just you know give it a little bit more
time to melt and turn it into something that we humans can eat in the form of
goose meat and so I really want to try this and as I’ve been out there
researching and trying to learn I’ve found a couple of people who dabbled
with this but nobody who’s done it in a significant way the other thing I’ll say
about this idea of doing the goose operation is number one it’s a slight
incremental improvement on the current skills that I have it’s not a whole new
skill set like hemp farming number two the costs are significantly
different as I priced it out I’m gonna need to expend about 1500 to 1600
dollars for the geese that’s everything from buying the Gosling’s themselves to
you know getting some initial feed to get them started as babies to actually
processing them and having them ready for sale and if those are all my costs
if I’m looking at about 50 geese that I’m looking to raise you know that’s not
nothing but it’s also not a significant expense it’s manageable meanwhile if I’m
thinking about growing hemp here on the industrial side I’m looking at around
twelve thousand dollars in some costs over the course of one year do you make
that happen and after I really want to do CVD and do
CBD the right way I’m looking at about twenty two thousand dollars in expenses
and those include everything from buying the clones to buying the infrastructure
I need to build the greenhouse to you know some of the harvesting tools that I
need as well some of the planting and cultivation tools that I need you know
really all of the expenses I’m going to have so that’s a much much bigger scale
but if I’m actually looking at my potential net profits from all of this
if I do the goose operation right it stands to be about the same as the
industrial hemp and about two-thirds of what the CBD approach could be and so
from just a economic perspective and an economic sustainability perspective the
costs are such a different structure and it’s just such a different scale that it
seems silly not to go after the geese instead of the hemp so that’s my
decision I’m gonna be pursuing raising geese this year if anybody’s out there
and wants to buy a Christmas goose hit me up we’re gonna have plenty of goose
meat we’re gonna also probably host a dinner or something on the farm
and find some other ways for folks to get involved with our goose operation I
think it’s gonna be a lot of fun you know I’ve never tackled a project quite
this big agriculturally speaking but at the same time it’s just a little bit of
a escalation from what I did with the Ducks and so I feel like I’m ready for
it I do plan to spend an awful lot of time documenting their grazing
patterns and the forage quality to see what works because I hope to really try
to create something that other people can can build on and try outside of our
farm as a way to raise geese because I gotta say I believe that there is a real
opportunity when you think about poultry farming right chickens and ducks and
other turkeys while they get a little bit of their diet if they’re free-range
and out here they’re not getting all their diet from from the land geese have
the opportunity to have the majority of their diet come from the land and so I’m
gonna be giving this a shot maybe hemp will happen for me someday
for just not this year

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