Why Is Choosing Video Hosting for My Business Such a Big Deal?

– So we hear it from every
credible marketing source that video is the future, that our customers want to
interact with video content. So the question is, as we go through this journey, what kind of video host
do we need to choose, and why is it so important? Well, we’re gonna cover
the three main reasons why choosing a great video
host is important for you. (whoosh) (electronic beats) Hey guys, it’s Zach from IMPACT. Welcome back to Film School For Marketers. So the question today, is, why is a video host so
important for my company? For one, there’s so many
options out there that are free, can’t I just choose one of
those and just roll with it? And do I really need to
take time to do my research and figure out what’s
gonna be a great fit? Well, the answer is, yeah, you really should take
some time and do some research, and figure out what’s gonna
be best for your needs, and for these three main reasons. The first reason is that you
need a long-term solution. So, imagine with me for a moment, that you’ve got a new piece
of software technology you’re rolling out at your organization. How long is it gonna take for
everyone to fully adopt it, for it to get its way
all into your processes and workflows and get a full
buy-in across the board? It’s likely gonna take a long time. Now imagine you make the wrong decision, and six months later, you
have to adopt new technology, and do new workflows and processes with a new piece of software. That’s likely gonna take a lot of time, and a lot of energy, and, probably, lots of money and man hours. So you want to make this
decision right the first time with your video host as well. This is also gonna make
sure that all that data, and analytics, and everything
that you’re building up in one system is gonna stay
with you for the longterm. So just like choosing a
marketing automation platform, like HubSpot, or something like that, that you’re integrating into your workflow and staking the future of your company on this piece of software, you want to make sure that you get this right the first time. And the second reason is
that, if you want your videos to convert, you’re gonna need technology. So ponder with me for a second, is it important that our
website generate leads with every visitor, and every person who watches our videos? If the answer is yes, then you need more than just a simple video player. You’re gonna need technology
to nurture your leads, to close more deals,
to capture information from those viewers. And if you don’t pick
the right video host, you might miss out on those opportunities. This is an important decision to make as you look into video host. You need just a simple player that viewers can watch videos? Or do you need a technology partner that’s gonna help you generate more traffic, leads, and sales. And the third reason that
I wanna talk about today that choosing a video
host is so important, is that you ideally want to
have everything in one place. Now, many companies who
have started with video are gonna find themselves
in a scenario like this. They’re gonna have a
couple videos up on YouTube that the sales folks use
to put in their emails. They’re gonna have a couple of videos that are embedded using some
sort of WordPress plug in, and then maybe they have
a couple Vimeo videos that are customer testimonials. This is not ideal. While, of course, you’ve
got videos you can use, you’ve got no way, no unification of data across all of those videos
to see how you’re truly doing with video across the organization. A great video host is
gonna allow you to have all of those videos in one place. Let’s take Vidyard for example. You can push out all of your
YouTube and Facebook videos, and all of that data flows back into Vidyard, allowing you to go, okay, for this one video we made, in all of these places that we shared it, here’s how it performed,
and here’s how it did across those different audiences. (whoosh) If you’re passionate about
becoming a true media company, then you need a real solution that’s gonna help you
manage all that media. This is so much more than
just having a video player. This is gonna be a solution that helps you manage and optimize all
of your video content, and be a longterm partner
in your video journey. To learn more about video hosting, look below for a ton of
great articles and videos about the top video hosting platforms, and until next time, keep learning. (mellow guitar music)

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