Why is Google My Business SO Important

Hey guys I’m Peyton and I’m Jack. We’re
Hi5’s reputation managers and we’re here today to talk to you about your
Google My Business listing. Okay, so there’s so many listings out there over
300 to be exact. Whether that’s Yelp, Bing, Angie’s List, Yellow Pages and so
many more, it’s really hard to figure out which one to choose to invest
your most time in in order to increase your online presence. Yeah, we know that
it can be a little bit overwhelming with so many sites so we’ve decided to just
focus on arguably the most important listing of all, your Google My Business
listing. We’re going to tell you why that’s absolutely vital for your
practice. Wait, so what makes Google so special like why is Google My Business
the most important? Well, let’s just think right here, what’s the first thing
you do whenever you hear the name of a new restaurant or new business or like a
medical practice for example. That’s easy you Google it right? Exactly, that’s why
Google is so important because you can safely assume that whenever a patient
hears the name of your business they’re probably gonna run a Google search on
you before they ever come to your practice so. And when they do search
they’ll find other listings such as your social media and your website of course,
but what they’ll really be drawn to is the knowledge panel on the right side of
the page. This area is where they’ll find information such as directions to your
business, your hours of operation, reviews and select photos. Yeah it sounds like
you definitely want that information to be correct, huh? Oh for sure, if that
information is incorrect you could be missing out on new patients. So now that we’ve focused on how important that listing is, we’re going to show you some steps in order to make sure you’re ready to rock. Yeah, well the first thing
you have to do is you have to claim your listing. What? You mean I can’t just go
in and edit any random listing I want? Peyton, come on man you gotta claim your
listing before you can go in and edit the information. Luckily, that’s easy
though. All you have to do is go to www.google.com/business to get started. From there, you can click the little start now button at the top right
corner of the page and when you do that you’ll be prompted to enter your
business name and then verify that you have the authority to make changes on
that page and you can do that with a phone call or a post card.
So after you’ve got your page claimed and verified you now need to go in and
make sure all your information is correct right? Yeah I mean you
might see whenever you run a Google search that you have your address or your
phone number listed already, but you want to make sure that all that information
is correct and then after you do that, then you can go in and focus on filling in
some missing areas. Okay, so you’ve got all the information correct. Great! But
the page is still incomplete I believe until you’ve got some killer photos
right? Yeah, I mean but what are photos going to do? Oh man, what won’t photos do for
your listing? If you put photos on your Google My Business page it can really
boost your online presence. Okay, so Google makes it really easy for
you. They set it up where you can put a profile picture, a cover photo and then they break it
down where you can put exterior shots, interior shots of your office photos of your
team working and your staff so really if you have all these areas covered people
will feel like they’ve gone into your business without ever stepping foot into
the door. So I’ve got photos on my page now and all my information is correct am I done? Is that it? Oh man, that’s right I mean I don’t have
anything else to do right? Wrong, actually you got to get reviews now. Getting
Google reviews is absolutely vital because you want good reviews to pop up as soon
as people run a search on your business. And whenever you get five reviews then
you get that little graphic with the star rating for your business right
beside your name. Oh man, I want those stars. Guys, we want your practice to grow
and we really believe that focusing on your Google My Business page is
really the best place to give your practice the boost
that it needs online. Yes so how are you feeling about your Google My Business
page? Do you have one? Are you going to go make changes to your existing page
based on this video? So let us know what tips you found useful in the comments
below and until next time I’m Peyton and I’m Jack, y’all get going it’s time to start dominating your Google My Business. Give
us a call or send us an email to learn how Hi5 Practice can improve your
online reputation.

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