Why Is My Business Not Growing?

Have you wondered why your business is
not growing? Well I’m going to share with you some ideas that I’ve tested and
tried and I know that they’ll work. Hey Kirk Duncan here and today, we are
talking about why your business is not growing. I mean really? You got the
right product, you got the right service, you’re doing everything that everybody
else says you ought to do but for some reason, the business is not happening and
you probably are sitting there at your desk or you know watching me on your
phone right now trying to figure out like what is going on and you can’t
figure it out. Well, you see there are
business practices but then there also are personal practices and sometimes as
a business owner what you forget is, that you are your number one marketing point
and if you are not in a good place, it doesn’t matter what product or service
you have. It’s not going to perform as well as you wish it would. So I’ve got
some ideas for you here that I’ve tested and tried and they work.
Now, I’m only posing them to you as an idea because you’re the one who gets to
decide if they really are you know what’s gonna make a big difference here.
But I’m going to uncover for you some different reasons why you’re not having
business and where you’re looking around, going everything should be working but
it’s not. Something’s off and here’s your number one big mistake. Number one big
mistake is you’re looking outside yourself trying to fix something around
you instead of taking a look at yourself. We tend to forget this right? We look at
our employees, we look at our marketing, we look at all the website, the business
card, the fliers. All this stuff so how the product is all set up but we tend to
forget, “wait a minute” this whole business is coming from you. Even if it’s a product
or a service of somebody else’s and you’re representing it, you’re still the
one involved. So when a when a business needs to improve, you got to come to the
center of the core of what it is and it’s you. And so I’ve got 5 different
reasons here of what you ought to do next to be able to help your business
improve. So let’s talk about each one of these. The first one that happens, it’s
called “Maximum Capacity”. Now maximum capacity you know like you go into a
restaurant and you look in the restaurant and there’s this little
plaque on the wall and that says maximum capacity 157. That means that that restaurant only has enough space for 157 guests. Because
that’s all the larger the walls are that’s all the I mean the distance
between the walls and the chairs and the tables and and they have a really a
maximum for safety. And here’s something you may not realize is that you have
inside your mind, a maximum capacity setting for the number of clients you
have. It’s not because of a number of employees or your systems, it’s you
literally can tap out and literally run clear to your maximum capacity. And no
matter how hard you try to add new clients, you keep coming back to the same
number. And what’s wild as inside your mind, your mind literally has a setting, a
number and that number stays permanent. And if you go above it, well then you
lose some clients and then you come back to that number. You go below it, you pick
up a few more clients and it always comes back to that same number. So
maximum capacity is a mindset setting. How do you change your mindset and this
maximum capacity number? Well, most business owners don’t get involved and
start actually picking the number of clients that they want and they also
don’t pick the type of client that they want and they also don’t pick the
experiences that you’re going to have with that client. The number, the type and the
experience to change your maximum capacity setting you need to get
involved and go, “Okay, I want to have this number of clients and I want to have
these types of clients to work with and I want to have these kinds of
experiences. Because based upon your old maximum capacity number, what happened
was you had certain experiences, with certain types of people that then set
that maximum capacity number in your mind. And now you’re working your tail
off trying to figure out how to increase business but you’re actually battling
the very setting inside your own mind. So remember those three parts when it comes
to maximum capacity. You got to pick the number, pick the type of customer you
want to work with and the experiences you want to have. Now to really, really
make this work for you, it’d be super important to actually put this in a
documentation and literally put at the top the page the number of clients. Next
paragraph, you put the type of client you want to work with and the next
paragraph, the experiences you want to have. Because your mind will not unlock
and let go of this number until you give it a new setting. And it’s more than just
saying a number. The type of person you want to work with and the experiences
you want to have must be detailed out. Now, if you want to really go for this,
you might want to take a whole page to describe the type and take a whole page
and describe the experience. The more detail that you give your mind of this
new setting, of the number of clients you want to have, well then that’s the sooner
it’s going to happen. So that’s number 1, is maximum capacity. Do some work on
that because every time I have one of my mentoring clients, who are stuck in the
number of clients, I go right to this and eyes up you’re maxed out. Maximum
capacity this is what you do and they do these three steps I gave you, boom!
It unlocks and then they’re, “Like whoa! what’s going on?” I got so many people say,
“Hey you unlocked your number” And you move that number up. So now you’ve got a
new problems like, “Whoa! it’s too much business right? Business is all about
relationships. Now, who would have thought that personal
relationships affect new business relationships? But
come on your that you’re the common denominator in everything you do. So if
it’s personal life or business life. You know for some reason, people think that
my business part of my life and my personal life are two different worlds,
two different things. But you’re actually the common denominator between two of
those. So you know how do you treat your wife? How do you treat your kids? How do
you treat your neighbors? What do you think about your neighbors? You know
where are those relationships? Where are those
relationships that are not doing well? So another step to be able to increase
business is literally make a list of the top 10 relationships that have the most
struggle right now in your life. Because those people who you’re having to
struggle with in your life right now, those struggles are inside you and those
type of people you have those struggles with, are certain types of clients. So if
you have struggles with these kinds of people, well out here those kind of
clients aren’t going to work with you because you can’t work with that type of
person. So literally your top 10 struggles that you’re having in
and personal relationships or business relationships whatever it is, those are
affecting business in a big way. There’s only a certain number of types of people
in the world and if you have challenges with 70 or 80% of those, you’re going
have a struggle in business because your personal struggles show up in business
moments. So make a list of top 10 relationships you’re struggling with and
do whatever it takes to mend or make some progress with those relationships.
Means you’re probably going to have to say you’re sorry a whole bunch of times.
You’re probably going to have to eat some humble pie here and really take a look
at yourself and like wow! You know I’m the cause of my business not working well
because I’m letting these struggle relationships just sit out there. So
clean up those relationships at least get to top 10. Are there more than 10? Oh
yeah, I bet right now you probably got over 30 that’s going on. Every time I
mentor someone then we clean up, the top 10 numbers start moving business, starts
taking off but then it reaches this new level and it’s like whoa! we got to do it
again. So start with 10 but just figure there’s probably about 30 relationships
you got to clean it up. Don’t let it go too long because it’s affecting
business. Here’s the common denominator okay next, your voice. The way you think
about yourself shows up in your voice and the way you
talk about yourself inside your head, shows up in your voice. And when you type
emails, that’s your voice. When you type texts, that’s your voice. When you make a
video or leave a voicemail or whatever you’re doing and talking to
people in the shop or the office or you’re out of people’s homes, your voice
is a representation of how you think. If you’ve got negative thoughts inside your
head, that shows up in your voice. So another way to improve business is to
clean up your voice so that your voice is more attractive, it’s more confidence,
more sure, it’s something that people can trust and that’s why you might want to
find my video here about how to clean out the negative thoughts inside your
head because you, your voice is affecting business. And if you’re wondering why
that last deal didn’t close or why you lost a couple clients lately, you’re
trying it’s product or service, you may want to
check in with your voice. And if you don’t think that your voice is in what
you do, your voice is what wrote the fliers. Your voice is what’s put things
together, so really take a look at what’s going on inside your head and take those
steps and how do you clean up what’s going on inside your head. So your voice will improve. Literally just take all the negative stuff that’s going on inside
your head. Write it on a piece of paper. Throw the piece of paper away. Take it
from here to paper to the garbage can. That’s a simple step but you got to go
watch my video about how to clear out negative thoughts. But it’s a simple step
is take whatever you’re thinking that’s not good put it on paper.
Shred it, tear it up, throw it away and just move those thoughts out of you. So
your voice will change and your voice will improve. And then when you’re
talking people, people can hear that trust. Okay, next step. Presentations. I
mean literally the way you present yourself, the way you stand in front of
people, the way you hold your product, the way you do things, your presentations
have to improve because it’s very natural for a human being to digress and
because once you get into business and you kind of get laxed with it, you get
comfortable with it. You kind of start to think like, “Oh, I don’t have to really be
on my A-game. But remember, presentation is everything.
The way you dress, the way you look, the way you show your products, the way you show
your service. Presentation matters because yeah, you may have a great
product and service but people always remember that first impression. Do you
want them to give you referrals? Well, how did you show up the first time you
should met that person and how do you keep showing up? So check in on your
presentation because the way you are, the way you show up, is all they got inside
their mind and really referrals are the best way to run business right? And if
you’re not getting referrals and it’s not working as fast or as big as you
want, you may have just let it kind of slack and kind of drizzle down and kind
of you know have some of that digression going on because you’re too comfortable
with your business. You think you’ve arrived. You think you have it all put
together. People are still looking at you. There’s always still that next new
client, the next new person, the next new thing you’re doing and check in. Look in
the mirror and ask yourself the question. Do you look like somebody people would
trust? That’s before we even open up your mouth.
Do you look like somebody that somebody would trust? And really take a look at
that because the way you present yourself, is the way your business is
going. Okay, the last one. Super important. Super important is your own personal
energy and how do you change that? Well you got to sleep better,
you got to got to eat your vegetables, drink water, take care of yourself. This
personal energy, it comes from inside you. It comes from the inside and works its
way out. But really, if you’re not getting very many hours of sleep, something you
ought to consider is getting a meditation CD so you can sleep deeper.
Because that really affects your personal energy all day long.
It affects if you get triggered or you react or if you had a grumpy or you have
bad moments. But this personal energy is not about being spastic or hyper, you
know where woah!!! this kind of person. This right here, this personal energy is
literally just the presence that’s around you. So when people are around you,
what do they feel? You know, do they feel like, “Wow, every time I’m with you, my
life is boosted. It’s moving, it’s improving.
So this personal energy, sleep is a big one. Water, oh, water is huge. You probably
don’t drink very much water, you’re drinking other liquids that don’t really
that’s kind of rip in the water out of you. Because if you’re not hydrated
you’re not thinking straight. If you’re not thinking straight, then what happens
is you’re making decisions and that are not as the best that could be and also
you’re more emotionally triggered. So low water content really affects your
personal energy. So you got sleep, you got water and then seriously, I know I’m
going to say it. I’m not your mother but I’m going to say it.
You got it your vegetables. More greens. You got to get more greens inside of you.
I’m looking outside my windows right now and green is fresh.
Green is alive and so the more greens you can eat, the more vegetables you can
eat, the more you’re going to feel like you’re alive and people want to do
business with people who are alive. They don’t want to do business with people
who have dead energy and you probably have dead energy. You’re probably not
eating your vegetables because there’s too much packaged food in the world that
doesn’t have vegetables in it. And this is stuff you like really grow
and it really is a live food. So build up your personal energy and notice how this
is going to influence your business. Hey, I care about what you’re doing
because it’s a lot of work. I’m a business owner too. You got to do the work.
Stop making it all about somebody out here and take a look at yourself.
Which of these 5, do you need to work on? As your mentor right now, I’m going to tell you, you got to work on all 5. Why not? because when you work on all five
the numbers are going to start to go up. And then people refer people to you and
that’s what business is all about. Reaching out making a difference in the
world. So pick one. Let me tell you which one to pick with them. Here’s the
one you pick right now. The one you do today. The one you do today has to do
with personal energy. Start with number 5. Get better sleep tonight. Drink more
water and eat a lot of vegetables. You’d be so glad you did. Business is going to
improve then take care of the other 4. Alright get her done. Go get her done.
Hey, let’s rock and roll but don’t let this be the last video yet.
Subscribe, ring the bell and hey, I got more coming your way.

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