Why it is worth studying Business Administration | Graduation BScBA In The Netherlands

I feel very excited we haven’t seen each
other for the past three months a so it’s great to be back and most a little
bit nervous about the rest of the day of course I’m sure it’s gonna be great you have developed as a person you have
grown into responsible leaders and with the guidance of our dedicated professors
you are now ready to put your knowledge about leadership entrepreneurship and
stewardship into practice thank you for letting me be part of your
journey it has been an honor and an absolute pleasure to see how each and
every one of you has made big steps forward in discovering and then
developing yourselves for me I’ve just won a feeling that I’m
feeling right now and that’s being grateful being grateful to all of my
students but most of all being grateful to my parents my family for making all
of this possible and for making this just three incredible years the ceremony was very touching after
spending three years with 29 people you become very close proud to be done with with what has been
the most in-depth experience of my life I’ve been to seven schools in five
different countries and this has been the place where I felt absolutely most
at home I think looking back at the three years
I’m very very pleased I think he’s learned a lot he’s grown a lot he’s
develop very well yeah I would recommend Nyiro to other parents and kids if the
match is there I think there’s probably no better choice

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