Why “SEO” is So “Yesterday” for Small Business Online Marketing

Hi, my name is Jon Leland and I’m a
digital marketing strategist and this is another in my new weekly series of
digital marketing Power Briefings, And today I’m talking about SEO and why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is so yesterday in terms of small business
online marketing. In fact, I get inquiries in my business of small businesses
looking for SEO services. We need more SEO on our website and really they’re
not talking about SEO, they’re talking about we need more traffic, which really
means we need more business. And those are really different things, SEO is just one way to drive more traffic but even just driving more
traffic really is not a digital marketing strategy. So let’s dig into it,
and I have four specific reasons to share with you. First of all, I really
need to say that when you think about a digital marketing strategy the question
that I always want businesses to think about is “what happens next”. That’s a
really important question because to me marketing and business in general is
really about relationships. I’m making this video really as a invitation for us
to have more of a relationship and relationships happen through multiple
touches, through interactions, through ongoing being present in the marketplace
and having a real conversation. And just getting traffic to your website does not
a create a conversation. If you’re interested in more about how that kind
of relationship develops I really want to invite you to the bigger Power
Briefing that’s at bit.ly/website-broken, that’s where I really delve
into relationship funnels. So sorry for the unabashed little promo there but
that is where I talk about the bigger depth. Let’s talk about the four reasons
why SEO is so yesterday in terms of online marketing. The first reason that SEO is really kind of yesterday has to do with the
time frame or the time to market, you know how long are you willing to wait to get
the traffic that you want in order to have the meaningful interactions that
you need. SEO as a strategy is at least six months, probably six months to a year
as opposed to Facebook advertising or Google Ads or what have you, that can
really get in a more immediate result. So, that’s something that a lot of
businesses don’t really, aren’t really having the patience or sometimes they
need the cash flow quicker so they need faster results. So thinking about
implementing a strategy that’s a long-term commitment like six months to
a year to get SEO traffic is limited. The second reason that SEO is pretty
yesterday is the limited nature of the targeting. When you work an SEO strategy
on the organic side of Search Engine Optimization you really are looking at a
page, per keyword phrase. And that’s really pretty clunky in terms of the
ability to get your message out there. The targeting with for example, Google
Ads you have no limit to the number of keyword phrases as opposed to needing
landing pages that are optimized for each keyword phrase that you want to
target and bring traffic, attract traffic with. So, SEO is also pretty yesterday given the fact that the targeting is so limited. The third reason that I don’t think that SEO is a very viable approach right now is
that it doesn’t reflect a marketing strategy. A real relationship building
marketing strategy requires multiple touches and when people say they need
SEO on their website, they’re only thinking about they need more traffic.
They’re not thinking about a strategic process that involves multiple touches
real engagement and real relationship building. And the other reason that SEO
is very limited from the point of view of relationship-building is it doesn’t
involve any remarketing. When you install the Facebook pixel on a website you have
the ability to remarket to those people. When you make your email list a custom
audience for example, inside Facebook advertising, again you’re having multiple
follow-ups and multiple touches and SEO just doesn’t have that capability. And
the fourth and final reason is really flexibility and choice. I really
look at digital marketing as a kind of experimentation and you really want to
involve lots of different ways to bring traffic to your website and begin the
process of engagement, relationship building and multiple touches. So, SEO
it’s not, not a strategy it is a way to bring organic traffic; but it really is a
very limited one and something that I am saying is yesterday. And again if you’re
interested in an approach to real relationship building I do want to
invite you to check out my relationship funnel Power Briefing at bit.ly/website – broken, most websites are broken because they’re not doing the
kind of engagement I’m talking about. So, SEO is a limited strategy, I want you
to get in involved in more, real relationship building with multiple
touches and an ongoing presence in the marketplace. And I hope this was useful,
valuable, as that’s what these Power Briefings are all about. Please let me
know what you want me to cover in future months, I’m happy to do that. And thank
you so much for your kind attention, I really appreciate it and I look forward
to hearing from you!

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